Weekly Report 5 Aug 08

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Weekly Report 5 Aug 08

Post by Brad » Tue Aug 05, 2008 4:22 pm

Good reports have been filtering in to me again this week with numbers of quality fish of several species being caught throughout the bay and surrounding estuarine systems. Snapper are still being targeted heavily in the bay. With anglers obtaining good results on a regular basis, it is no wonder. Working plastics along the edges of the reef at Peel has produced not only quality snapper but also sweetlip, morwong, bream, pike, tuskfish and several other species. An electric motor is also a must for this type of fishing and the quieter you are the better the quality of fish you will catch. Idling along on a 2 stroke in water this shallow will rarely produce anything of quality.

Mud has also been a good option although the eastern side has been heavily fished of late and has not been producing a lot of quality snapper due to this pressure. The western and northern ends have not been producing numbers but most of those specimens caught have been quality fish in excess of 2kg. Snapper to 7kg have been recorded by some of the better anglers who have spent plenty of time on the water refining their craft. A broad array of plastics have worked from 3” Atomic Fat Grubs to 7” Gulp Jerk Shads. Again being quiet is the best thing you can do if you are after quality fish, along with getting away from the crowd. Squid are still around in decent numbers with a variety of localities producing the goods. Just look for good clean shallow water near weed beds of over shallow reef and you are in with a good chance. The eastern and northern side of St.Helena, top end of the Rous Channel, Amity wall, northern side of Mud, Goat Island, eastern side of Peel and the shallow reefs off Scarborough have all been great places to try.

An occasional small pod of larger longtail tuna have been sighted along the front of Bribie Island over the last few weeks. One angler caught a 21kg specimen on a Cotton Cordell pencil popper after spending an hour or more getting into position for a cast. The Benowa Track Reef has held a few schools of bonito in the area of late and they have been caught on small chrome slices as well as plastics meant for snapper. Most anglers are keeping them for bait although some also eat them. An occasional longtail is also taken from these grounds. The western side of Peel and up along the edges of the Naval Reserve Banks are other places where bonito have been caught.

A few school mackerel has been caught around the bay islands by anglers drifting pillies whilst targeting snapper. The numbers of these should be on the increase over the coming months. Tailor are still a fairly common capture for those drifting pillies and casting baitfish-profile flies and small chrome slices around the Bribie Island Bridge area at night and early morning. An occasional trevally, tailor, snapper and mulloway are also caught. Baits fished on the bottom are producing bream, flathead and cod as well the usual array of sting-rays and shovelnose rays.

The Jumpinpin Bar area continues to produce good numbers of bream, and flathead as well as a few tailor, mulloway and other species. This area receives a lot of fishing pressure but due to the huge influx of water that enters the system via this channel, the fishing is usually decent. More than a few anglers have been targeting whiting in the Sand Hills area, Little Ships Channel, Rous Channel, Browns Gutter, Manly Banks and a variety of other spots throughout the bay and estuaries. Results have been favorable for most with quality winter whiting and a few summers producing a tasty feed. Flathead, mainly northern bar-tailed, bream and the occasional other species has filled the bag. Drifting a baited squid jag behind the boat will also produce a few squid at times.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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