Weekly Report 5 Sep 08

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Weekly Report 5 Sep 08

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:47 am

With the weather looking far from comfortable due to predicted wind and rain for the coming week, many anglers will be chomping at the bit to get out there after recent successes. Most corners of the bay and adjoining estuaries have been fishing well until now. Lets hope a bit of fresh will only improve things for the months to come. Snapper continue to be caught in decent numbers around all of the bay islands. Peel has improved for anglers getting out early, with snapper to over 5kg caught during the last week. Soft plastics have accounted for the majority of the fish but a few decent snapper have also been caught on bait, mainly by anglers fishing at night along the edges of the reef on the western side and also around the grounds adjacent the houseboat wreck.

Evening sessions have also been the time to fish the grounds on the eastern side of St. Helena with a 7.1kg snapper taken on a freshly caught squid from the same area last week. Most snapper from this area have been around the 2kg to 3kg mark, which are decent quality fish for the table. An occasional good grassie has also been taken from these grounds on bait but Green seems a better option if you want to specifically target this species. Reports of mackerel from around the mouth of the Brisbane River last Wednesday caught my attention. Apparently there was a fair bit of bait around, which had attracted several pelagics including mack tuna, school macks and a few longtails. One angler caught several on Yo-Zuri Crystal Vibes.

Longtail reports have also filtered in from around the Pearl Channel area with a few anglers achieving results on small baitfish profile flies after much effort to get into position for a cast. A few longies have also been seen smashing the surface close to Scarborough early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Approaching them to get within casting distance has been difficult. Decent snapper have been caught on plastics around the Benowa Track grounds. It has been a little hit and miss but perseverance is usually well rewarded. One angler caught a 6kg golden trevally there during the week as well as several bonito, all on plastics.

The Curtain Artificial has also produced a few quality fish including snapper, trevally, yellowtail kings and small cobia on plastics, however live baits have been a better option, especially at night. The Measured Mile beacons, northern end of the Rainbow Channel, western side of Peel and the northern side of Mud have all produced school mackerel for anglers floating out unweighted pillies. Early morning rising tides have definitely been the best time. The beacons in the North-West Channel have held a few school mackerel and anglers have achieved results on both pillies and jigged metal slices. Most of the beacons in the northern end of the bay would be worth a try at this time of the year as school mackerel numbers should increase over the coming weeks. A few spotties are also a possibility as well as longtails, yellowtail kings, trevally, mack tuna and even cobia.

In the estuaries the fishing has been fairly good however the rain is likely to quieten the action for a while. The mouths of areas such as Jumpinpin, Pumicestone Passage and Brisbane River are definitely worth a go towards the top of the tide when the clean water mixes with the fresh. These areas often hold good concentrations of bait and the predatory fish are usually not too far away. Live baits fished around these areas, especially at night, are a good option if catching a quality mulloway is high on your wish list. Whilst the weather is unfavorable, take the opportunity to top up your terminal tackle, service reels and other gear, do some boat maintenance and make rigs etc for when the weather improves so you are ready to go.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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