Weekly Report 14 Sept 08

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Weekly Report 14 Sept 08

Post by Brad » Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:40 pm

Reports from the bay and offshore waters have been a little mixed over the last week with some anglers doing well whilst others have struggled. I was one of those who returned home with nothing other than a fuel bill for a day on the water earlier in the week. I had headed to a spot in the top end of the bay to target cobia even though I knew it was a little early in the season for this spot and that the tides and moon phase were against me. As a result, my live baiting efforts were in vain although it was an enjoyably calm and warm day on the water. On the way home I saw a few schools of small tunas, probably frigates or bonito but didn’t stop for a cast. Most were in the area between Comboyuro and the northern end of the Pearl Channel with a few closer to Scarborough. A second trip offshore from the South Passage Bar in the middle of the week with a few mates yielded a full bag of quality pearl perch in the 2kg to 4kg bracket, mostly caught on plastics fished on paternoster rigs.

Reports of snapper around the bay islands have dropped off, which either means there are fewer being caught or less anglers targeting them. Snapper should be around in decent numbers for several months yet and can usually be caught right throughout the year so don’t let the rise in temperature deter you. I have had one of my best ever days at the start of November with the best bite time being around midday in less than 4m of water. Plastics and baits will all work well but with the clearer water due to the westerly winds, the darkened hours will probably fish best, especially considering the recent full moon.

The Brisbane River has still being producing a few quality threadfin salmon with captures being recorded from right along its length. A few mulloway have also been around with one angler landing and releasing three over a metre over two morning sessions. With the smaller tides this week, it is a good time to be exploring the rock walls and submerged ledges with plastics, lipless crankbaits and live baits. Snapper, estuary cod, bream, flathead and several other species will also be encountered.

Most estuarine areas are fishing well for anglers at present with plenty of reports of big flathead coming in. The Jumpinpin area has been on fire with one angler reporting 19 flathead for a session with seven over 70cm in length. The best was an 88cm beauty hooked on a soft plastic in less than a metre of water. The main gutters through which water drains from the flats are key places to target, as are the deeper channels. Plastics and drifted baits such as hardiheads, whitebait, frogmouth pillies and live offerings will almost certainly put you in with a good chance. Trolling bibbed minnows in bright colours along the edges of the banks on the falling tide will generally produce a few quality fish. Scarborough Reef has fished a little better this week with several anglers reporting a few good captures of snapper, bream, flathead and estuary cod. These were caught on plastics predominately, with several good fish taken by an early morning group of kayak anglers. An occasional school mackerel and quality tailor has also been taken from these grounds.

Squid have been around in reasonable numbers for those anglers who go to the effort of chasing them. Areas such as Goat Island, weed beds on the western side of Moreton, north eastern corner of St.Helena, northern and western side of Mud and any other shallow reef or weed bed areas with relatively clear water have all produced decent catches, especially towards the top of the tide. The Manly Jetty, Victoria Point Jetty and Redcliffe Jetty have been good places to try for land-based squidders. An occasional positive report from the top end of the Rous Channel, Brown’s Gutter and northern end of the Rainbow Channel tells of school mackerel being taken on spoons trolled behind paravanes.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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