Weekly Report 09 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 09 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:43 pm

Fairly ordinary weather over the last week has limited angler’s chances to get out on the bay but a few reports have filtered in. Decent numbers of whiting have been caught around most of the usual spots including the Sand Hills, Maroom Banks, Blue Hole, Small Ships Channel, Browns Gutter and the Rous Channel. Live worms and squid strips have been prominent baits amongst successful anglers however the various Gulp worms have also worked well, especially in the camo and new penny colours. Most anglers are just fishing these as if they were real worms, on the usual running ball-sinker rig. Drifting is a better option than anchoring as the whiting generally move around a lot. There has been a lot of flathead caught in these same areas, mostly northern bar-tail flathead which don’t grow as large as their dusky cousins but are tasty none-the-less. A few mackerel are still around the top end of the Rous however you have to move around quite a bit to find them at times. Keep an eye out for the commercial line fishermen trolling spoons behind paravanes as they usually have it wired as to where the schoolies are. Be courteous of these pros and don’t interfere with their work as they fish these grounds a lot to make their living and have as much right to be there as anyone.

Good numbers of flathead have been caught around the Jumpinpin area over the last week although quality specimens were hard to find for many of the anglers in the Flathead Classic. Kalinga Bank, Aldershots, Gold Bank, Whalleys Gutter, Duck Creek and the main channel out to the bar all produced some quality fish. The Pumicestone Passage has been a little hit and miss lately due to clean water. Try areas such as the W’s, mouth of Elimbah Creek, Donnybrook and mouth of the canals opposite Spinnaker Sound for good results on bream, flathead, whiting, grunter and the occasional trevally and small jew.

A few mackerel have been caught from around the beacons out from Bribie over the last week with both pillies and jigged slugs producing fish to a little over 2kg. Often there are a few cobia around these same beacons at this time of the year however reports have been a little light on. This either means that there aren’t a lot around of the lucky anglers are keeping their mouth zipped. Snapper reports continue to filter in although they have been far from consistent for most anglers. Those who are putting in a bit of an effort have been rewarded in most cases. Plastics and baits are both working with those anglers venturing out at night doing the best.

The Brisbane River has produced a few good threadfin and snapper over the last few weeks. Clara’s Rocks has been a popular and productive spot for snapper at night but a little quiet due to boat traffic during the day. Fish any of the prominent ledges, rock walls and drop-offs from the river mouth right up to South Bank and you should be in with a chance. Live baits have produced salmon but many anglers are opting for lures such as Jackal Mask, Manns George-n-Shad, 4” Berkley Hollow Bellies and various Gulp plastics including the popular 5” Jerk Shad. A few crabs have been getting around the place with both the river systems and the bay producing quality specimens. Set your pots in deeper holes, along ledges and at the mouths of small creeks for best results.

A few squid have been caught in the top end of the Rous Channel however most have been fairly small. There has been a few quality specimens to well over 30cm encountered, mainly by anglers drift fishing pillies targeted at school mackerel.The only reports I have had of pelagic surface activity have come from the Peel Island to Naval Reserve Banks area. Both longtails and larger mack tuna were sighted, and the occasional specimen caught, however results only came to those who persevered.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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