Weekly Report 26 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 26 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:16 am

Finally a good weekend of weather has allowed anglers to get out and do what they enjoy, go fishing. It was a small relief after the news of closures coming into force for many areas of Moreton Bay. Apparently us fishermen are depleting the snapper stocks to extinction and totally ruining the habitat of many other species of fish that live in Moreton Bay. Anglers received the brunt of the accusation, the spiky end of the pineapple you might say, yet I find it ironic that just days after the closures were announced a separate inquiry found that the water quality throughout the south east was at a very low state due to the run off from development, dredging, pollution and several other factors. Of course this has not affected the fish stocks at all, just us anglers. Make the most of the areas due for closure while you can as getting them reopened once they are closed is about as likely as finding a fishing related decision that is based on pure scientific facts and not because of some political agenda.

A few more reports of mackerel have started to filter in with both spotties and school mackerel reported from the top end of the bay, mainly the shipping channels. Berleying with cut pilchards and live baiting around most of the beacons in the NW and NE Channel should put you in with a good chance at scoring a few. Having a live bait out around the beacons can also be beneficial for mackerel, longtails and cobia. Surface feeding schools of pelagics are being found throughout the bay and it is usually just a case of keeping your eyes open and covering the likely spots such as the shipping channels, Rainbow Channel, Naval Reserve Banks, Lucinda Bay, Middle Bank, Pearl Channel and all along the front of Bribie from Caloundra to Gilligans Island. Have a couple of rods rigged with different sized slugs, as the tuna are usually quite pedantic at this time of the year. Usually smaller is better but often an oversized profile may solicit strikes when the imitate-the-bait approach fails. Fly fishing is especially productive if you can get close to the schools with a small surf candy, bay bait, polar-fibre minnow or eyes fly. It is not always necessary to strip the fly like a mad man possessed. Sometimes all you need to do is to lay the fly close to the action and just allow it to sink and you will usually get a positive result. Small plastic will also work well at times and can be fished with a similar approach.

Good numbers of quality bream have been caught around the Scarborough Reef area lately. Some anglers have been specifically targeting them but many have been taken as bycatch by those chasing snapper on soft plastics. Sweetlip, flathead, morwong, school mackerel and several other species have also been caught by anglers in both kayaks and boats. Good numbers of flathead have been landed throughout most of the estuaries, creek and river systems that filter into the bay. Trolling lures seems a good way to get amongst a few with small brightly coloured lures that dive to about 2m being both popular and productive. Try Micro-Mins, Manns Stretch 5plus, Tilsan Bass, Rebel Crawdad (especially flouro red), Micro Mullets and others. Trolled along the edges of banks on a falling tide, these lures are virtually guaranteed to produce.

A few snapper from Mud this week on both plastics and bait. Best fish was a shade over 6kg and was caught on a whole fresh pike on Friday night. During the day there has been some respectable fish taken on plastics, especially Gulp 5” and 7” jerk baits, 7” Bass Assassins, 7” Zoom Flukes and 6” Guzzlers. A broad array of colours have produced fish. The small whaler sharks are also about and plenty of anglers have also been hooking these on the scented plastics and baits. The Brisbane River has been a little quieter this week, however a few decent threadies and snapper have been caught by anglers working Jackall Mask and a variety of plastics along the edges of the dropoffs into the main channel, anywhere between the mouth of the river and South Bank.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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