Weekly Report 6 Nov 08

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Weekly Report 6 Nov 08

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 06, 2008 3:13 pm

The rain has stirred things up in the estuaries over the last week. Those venturing out this weekend should do well on the crabs as a result. Set pots along the deeper banks, mouths of gutters and along prominent ledges. Fish frames, chicken carcasses and similar offerings make good baits for these tasty morsels. Avoid venturing too far from your pots as they have a habit of disappearing at times. Leaving them set overnight will usually produce the best results however. Prawns may also be around in better numbers in some areas, depending on how much that individual system was flushed out with the fresh.

Flathead have been around in both quality and quantity. Most of the estuarine areas are worth a try with duskies to over 90cm being caught in recent weeks. Anglers trolling lures along the edges of prominent banks on a falling tide have been achieving good results on flatties as well as bream, pike, whiting and other species in the Jumpinpin and Pumicestone Passage systems. Casting plastics in the gutters at the backs of larger banks towards the top of the tide is also likely to produce results, especially as far as larger fish are concerned. Usually if you find one flathead at this time of the year you will generally find several others, so it pays to work an area over a few times once you catch one fish.

There have been several reports over the last few weeks of school mackerel being caught off the beacons in the NW channel however I did a trip with a couple of the guys from work during the week and we could not even raise one on jigged slugs and plastics. We had one bite off and caught one just legal yellowtail kingfish, although several of the more northern beacons held rat kings. Further north there were large schools of juvenile mack tuna and frigate tuna, and we caught about 15 of these on small slugs, plastics and fly to keep for strip baits for the reef, and whole troll baits for Spanish mackerel and blue marlin. There were no other schools of surface feeding fish sighted for the day, which was strange considering there was good water clarity and temperature, as well as favorable conditions which allowed us to see for good distances. It was a nice day on the water regardless. One of those days when catching a fish is just a bonus.

Occasional schools of pelagics are still being located throughout the bay and anglers have usually just had to cover some water to find them. It has been fairly hit and miss but those anglers who persevere have found longtails, mack tuna, frigates and occasionally mackerel. Drifting pillies along the edges of the reef at Peel and around the beacons in the northern bay would be your best option if mackerel are on you wish list. A few schoolies are still being caught in the top end of the Rous Channel on spoons trolled behind paravanes and also on drifted pillies.

The Brisbane River will probably fish well over the coming weeks as the little bit of rain we had this week would have stirred up the prawns and other bait species. Threadfin, snapper, flathead, cod, bream and other species are likely captures for anglers soaking live baits and working lures along the steeper edges in the main channel. Try Jackall Mask 70, Stick bait style plastics such as Gulp 5”, Atomic Jerk Shad, Zoom Flukes and Sizmic Slugger as well as Atomic Prongs and others. These need to be worked slowly with tiny hops to keep them close to the bottom as you work them down the face of the ledges. Be sure to stay at least 30m away from all the jetties and docks, even when there are no ships. Port Security have been fairly prominent in the lower area of the river and some anglers have received fines for breaches.

Whiting numbers have been fairly good at most of the major banks areas throughout the bay towards the top of the tide. Drifting these areas will give you the best chance of encountering a school or two and usually a couple can be caught in quick succession on baits of worms and squid strips before they move on. These are great species for the kids to cut their teeth on and provide an extremely tasty meal at the end of the day when rolled in egg and bread crumbs and fried. Try the gutters and main channels towards the lower stages of the tide when the whiting have been forced off the banks with the receding water. Most of the estuary areas have also been worth a try with good numbers being taken in the lower stretches of the Pumicestone Passage by land-based anglers from the Bribie Bridge right around to Skirmish Point.

Christmas is just around the corner so now is the time to start checking out all the great items at your local tackle shop so you can start dropping a few hints. Don’t forget also that the new EPIRBs came into effect as of November 1st. I am sure boating and fisheries will be doing extra checks this weekend so make sure you are not caught out. Unfortunately the new ones are around the $400 mark, which is a little ridiculous considering they are a safety necessity but something we will have to buy if we want to go boating legally and safely.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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