Weekly Report 16 Nov 08

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Weekly Report 16 Nov 08

Post by Brad » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:37 am

A few good days over the previous week has allowed keen anglers to get out onto the water in search of piscatorial relief. Results have been favorable for most with both the estuaries and bay benefiting from the recent rains. The Brisbane River has been producing a steady stream of quality threadfin salmon for anglers in the know that have with good technique with lures. Being proficient with the use of your sounder will heighten the chances of finding the schools of threadies which tend to lurk along the edges of the channels all the way from the river mouth to Mount Crosby. Working plastics and lipless crankbaits will usually produce dividends in this situation. Live baits such as herring, mullet, prawns and squid are also prime offerings however also expect to catch catfish, pike eels, rays and other undesirables.

Snapper reports have come in from all the usual spots in the bay this week with better reports from Scarborough Reef this week, than in previous ones. Several anglers fishing from both boats and kayaks caught quality snapper on both plastics and baits with the best fish being a quality specimen of 66cm. The usual array of other species including morwong, sweetlip, parrot, flathead, cod bream and trevally were also caught. The ledges on the western side of Moreton Island from the Benowa Track all the way up to the Curtain Artificial have been producing quality fish including snapper, golden trevally, parrot, kingies, cobia and the occasional legal red emperor. Plastics have been producing a lot of the fish but small live baits and quality fresh flesh baits have been worth using.

Jigging the beacons may produce a few school mackerel and the odd spotty but it has been fairly hit and miss. Drifting the area around the beacons with pillies is also worthwhile, especially while berleying with small pieces of pillie towards the ebb of the tide. Having a live bait such as a whiptail, yakka or slimey out whilst doing this may result in a cobia or two, although they have not been plentiful. A few tailor were caught on pillies drifted in the main channel at the Jumpinpin Bar early in the morning during the previous week. Flathead and bream were also common captures, especially for those drifting with frogmouth pillies, whitebait, hardiheads and strip baits such as pike fillets. An 8kg mulloway was caught by one angler drifting the channel with live mullet last Tuesday night. He also lost another quality fish, which may have been a good mulloway or possibly a shovelnose ray.

Crabs have been caught in quite good numbers with all the creeks, rivers and estuaries producing mud crabs as well as a few sandies. Both dillies and safety pots have worked when baited with chicken carcasses or fish frames. Out in the bay the sand crabs have also been numerous with most areas producing good results. Set your pots along the various ledges and gutters around the bay islands as well as the channels for the best chance. Make sure you do not set your pots where they will become a navigation hazard and do not venture too far from them as they have a habit of disappearing. Anglers targeting sharks in the bay (and even those who aren’t) have been catching good numbers of whaler sharks around the bay islands as well as the spoil grounds. Drifting any whole fish bait (4x2 gar work well) into a berley trail of tuna oil will virtually guarantee results.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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