Weekly Report 25 nov 08

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Weekly Report 25 nov 08

Post by Brad » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:53 am

Well I have been holding off writing this report waiting for some good news in relation to fishing in the bay and at last it has arrived. There are some quality bass and golden perch being caught around the Tangalooma wrecks on spinnerbaits. Well, we didn’t quite get that much rain although the fresh has extended well into the bay, past the bay islands, which in the short term will slow things a little but within a few weeks the fishing should be awesome. The nutrient level in the bay will be fairly high and therefore baitfish species should be attracted closer inshore, which in return will attract the various species that feed on them.

Anglers fishing the lower reaches of the Brisbane river have been catching a few threadfin towards the top of the tide on both lures and live baits fished along the ledges and deeper sections. A couple of quality threadies were taken from Newstead Jetty and the Colmslie pontoon on live baits during the week by land-based anglers. Large live prawns are number one bait if you can get them but a mullet will also work well. Expect to get quite a bit of vermin in the form of rays, shovelenose, catties, pike eels and sharks, which on a quite night can almost be a welcome relief at times.

There were a few reasonable catches of greasy prawns from around the mouth of the Logan River over the last weekend. Mostly they were only bait size and one angler put them to good use on some decent bream and whiting from the Crusoe Island area. Whiting have been fairly consistent captures for some anglers, with plenty of specimens over 30cm being caught by knowledgeable anglers with quality fresh baits. Both the estuaries and bay flats and channels have been worth fishing.

Further offshore there has been a few pelagics showing up with wahoo, dolphinfish and a few tuna from around the Hutchies area. An occasional small marlin and sailfish has also been encountered in this area, as well as the trench. Out wide, the larger game boats have been getting into a few blue and striped marlin anywhere from the 200m line to the 800m line although a few have also searched wider looking for that ever elusive grander. Most of the blues have been in the 130kg to 250kg bracket but the occasional better fish is always a serious possibility. A few large dolphinfish have been caught also, with the 500 to 550 m line east of the Cape producing several in the 15kg to 25kg bracket in the last week or so.

The area off Point Lookout around The Group should be fishing well at present with a few Spanish mackerel, wahoo, tuna and other species to be taken on the troll. Be careful while trolling to avoid getting caught inside the closed area around Flat Rock. Divers are allowed to go down to photograph and annoy the Grey Nurse Sharks but we are not supposed to troll our lures anywhere in the area just in case one of them decides he wants to turn pelagic and eat our lure.

Most of the fishing in the estuaries should improve over the coming week providing we do not get too much more rain. The best option is generally to fish around the mouths of the creeks and estuaries towards the top of the tide when the cleaner water pushes up.

I am heading wide to chase a few blues on Wednesday and then up to Monduran to try for a barra or two for five days after that, so hopefully I will have some positive news to report in about a weeks time, once things start to settle down locally. Remember to take the opportunity to do some maintenance and stock up on your tackle etc while the weather stops you from venturing out. You may also need to earn a few brownie points around the house so you get the all clear once the conditions and weather are favorable.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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