Weekly Report 2 Jan 09

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Weekly Report 2 Jan 09

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:10 am

Woohoo! The Black Marlin are still on the chew in most offshore areas from the Eight Mile grounds off the Sunshine Coast all the way to the Tweed. Popular areas such as The Trench, Hutchies, Flinders, The Group, Sullies and the 18 fathom to 36 fathom line off the Gold Coast are readily producing little blacks and the odd sailfish and other pelagic. These aren’t the only areas however, and reports of little blacks have come from all sorts of areas, often in rather shallow water. Trolling skirted lures is the best way to cover a bit of ground and raise some billfish, with many boat receiving multiple strikes from small packs of blacks and raising double figures for a day with about half that landed. Add a mirrored teaser to your trolling spread and your chances will increase considerably. Skirted lures such as the Bahama 27 range, Pakula Fluzi, Uzi and mosquito, Hollowpoint Teeny Magnum, Black Bart Tuna Candy and Cabo Prowler as well as Meridian Demon 5, Quasi 4 and 5 and Saltshaker 4 have all been successful. A broad array of colours, including lumo, black/purple, blue/pink, evil and many others, have all produced fish.

Spotties are around in the bay in good numbers however they have not been smashing bait on the surface very often. The most successful anglers are those with a keen eye who can spot the telltale signs of fish cruising just below the surface. The small V bow waves and occasional splash are often the only indication that there is a fish in the area. Occasionally a bird may be seen hovering in the air following the small numbers of spotties cruising an area. These fish have been found in most prominent areas of the bay and many anglers have returned to port without sighting a single fish whilst others with superior observation and stalking skills have done exceptionally well. There are still plenty of fish to be taken around the beacons by anglers drifting pillies and berleying with cut pilchard pieces towards the top and bottom of the tide if the more relaxed approach is your thing.

A few snapper are still being caught around the bay islands by persistent anglers however the sharks have taken many of the better fish before anglers can get them to the boat on lighter tackle. A few anglers have caught several legal yellowtail kingfish on soft plastics whilst working the ledges wide of mud island. School mackerel have also been taken on plastics by anglers targeting snapper around the bay islands with the reef on the western side of Peel being one of the more consistent spots where this has occurred.

Whiting numbers are fairly good around most of the banks and shallower gutters and channels in the bay however as is always the case you will often need to move around a bit until you get onto them. Thin tenderized strips of squid and live worms are the best baits, however they will take a wide array of baits including the Gulp Sandworms.

Set a few pots in most of the creeks or out in the bay and you should be rewarded with a few mud crabs or sandies to tantalize your taste buds. There have been a lot of pots going missing recently so I would not venture too far from your pots once they are set. Good baits include fish frames and heads, whole mullet as well as chicken carcasses however most stronger smelling baits will work.

I have been out twice in the last week catching whaler sharks, tagging them and collecting skin samples for a project at the University of Queensland. I took my girlfriend Michelle out to catch her first one, a nice little whaler of about 8kg taken on 4kg line. We managed a couple more that day and then I got another 5 a few days later with the best one just under 20kg on 4kg mono, which was a good fight. There are heaps around at the moment and we managed these for only a couple of hours of effort on each day.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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Re: Weekly Report 2 Jan 09

Post by realbiddle » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:34 pm

Can you tell me where i might be able to catch some sharks and with what bait and tackle?

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