Weekly Report 26 Feb 09

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Weekly Report 26 Feb 09

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:07 pm

Wind has hampered anglers to get out onto the bay over the last week. Plenty of wind gusts better than twenty knots made trips uncomfortable and at times dangerous. A few anglers managed early morning sojourns for mixed results.

Longtails are still working the area west of Tangalooma, especially on the falling tide. They have been a fairly hard to approach in most cases which is somewhat different to how I found them over a week ago when I managed to get close enough to land a few on fly. They have been quality fish better than 10kg in most cases, which will put a real bend in a 6-8kg spin rod or #9 or #10 weight fly rod and provide a lot of fun and a real challenge. Small chrome slices, flies and stick bait style plastics will all work a treat.

A few longtails have also been sighted down around the Naval Reserve Banks area, although in limited numbers. Other sightings have occurred in the Rainbow Channel, in front of Bribie and out from Scarborough. A few schools of smaller mack tuna and frigates have also been seen and caught throughout the bay however they have been very flighty and hard to get within casting distance of most of the time. School mackerel are still being caught around the beacons in the northern bay on drifted pillies and jigged chrome slugs and slices but are a little hit and miss.

The snapper numbers around the bay islands are gradually on the increase and this weekend will be the last that you can legally fish St. Helena and the western side of Peel under the EPA’s ridiculous new zone closures. I notice on the new zoning map that the EPA have already marked the area where they are allowing the airport to dump a heap of silt, gravel, and sand onto a perfectly good estuarine and dugong grass bed area to build a new runway. Just goes to show that politics (and possibly money) will allow you to get around the so called Green ethics of the EPA regardless of the effect it will have on the environment. To make matters worse, much of this fill will be dredged from the middle of the bay adjacent to one of the new green zones, which will cause a lot of dirty water in the bay, forcing many species away from these areas and also impacting on the health of sea grass beds, due to lack of sunlight caused by the murky water. Would be nice if the EPA actually had some ethics about what they are trying to achieve and weren’t just the puppets of government and big business. Fishermen are just being used as scape-goats for a larger problem of pollution which the EPA cannot solve but they need to make it look like they are trying to do something positive, which obviously allows them to stay employed.

Estuaries have been fishing fairly well for flathead as well as other species such as bream, cod, mangrove jack, whiting and a few trevelly. The canals are definitely worth a try for a few jacks on live bait, especially in the deeper holes at night. The Brisbane River has produced good numbers of salmon for anglers casting lures and fishing live baits along prominent ledges. A few really big estuary cod have been caught as well. The flats around the mouth of Boggy Creek are worth the effort for flathead and a few whiting. Fishing the lower stages of the tide around the mouth of Tingalpa and Lota Creeks ahs also been good for flathead and whiting and is a good spot if you want the simplicity of just wading whilst you cast a few small soft plastics, fly or unweighted worms and whitebait.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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