Weekly Report 16 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 16 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:48 pm

There have not been a lot of reports filtering in due to the lousy weather earlier in the week. We are in for some good days over the coming week so take the opportunity to get out onto the water if you can. Anglers fishing around Mud and adjacent the closed areas at Peel have been doing fairly well for snapper, sweetlip and other species. Slowly working plastics has been a popular and productive approach with Gulp Jerk Shads, Assassins, Slam Baits and many others producing the goods. The ledges and bommies wide of Mud in depths of 9m or more have been producing the better quality fish however strikes have often been scarce. The usually productive times of dawn and dusk often don’t produce the best fishing in these areas. Many anglers find that the middle of the day, when the light intensity is at its highest, is the best time to be fishing these deeper areas. Whilst the numbers of fish have been down, the quality has been great with specimens to a little over 6kg reported recently. Most fish landed are better than 2kg in these deeper grounds.

Reports of longtails are still filtering in from many areas of the bay, especially the shipping channels. Once located, longtails have been fairly easy to approach and acceptable to strike most artificials thrown at them, including small metal slugs, stick bait style plastics and baitfish profiled flies. Hopefully problems due to the recent oil spill will not have any long term affect on longtails or other species in Moreton Bay. At last the EPA will do something that is actually useful for the environment, by getting the mess cleaned up quickly. No doubt recreational fishermen will still be blamed for any long term decline in fish stocks even though we know there are many other factors, especially pollution (such as the oil spill and runoff from development projects) that should be addressed first and foremost. Unfortunately the recreational angler is easiest to blame. Excluding us from accessing and fishing certain areas makes the EPA think they are actually doing something positive and we are much easier to attack than the real problem, pollution.

The estuaries have fished well over the recent weeks, which is often the case when things get rough further out. Whilst the smaller creeks have had a lot of fresh in them, which has slowed fishing a bit, the larger river systems have still fished well, especially around the mouths towards the top of the tide when salinity is highest. The Brisbane, Logan and Pine systems have all been producing decent numbers of prawns in the deeper holes and these have also attracted other species such as cod, trevally, mulloway, threadfin, snapper, bream, flathead and others. One angler cast-netting prawns in the Pine River (around Deepwater Bend I think) managed a 7kg mulloway in his net. Along with the 3kg of banana prawns he caught, he had a meal fit for a king. Around the mouth of the Brisbane River, some decent snapper to almost 4kg have been reported. The Guzzlerz and Ripperz Prongs have worked well for many anglers when rigged on 1/6oz jigheads and cast along the edges of the ledges and drop-offs or around other structure. Naturally a few threadfin have also been caught as well as cod, bream, flathead and the occasional unstoppable. The crabbing has also been fairly good in this system with decent reports from as far up as the Indooroopilly stretch. One crabber did very well around the South Bank area one night and managed 8 legal muddies from his 4 pots plus one estuary cod that managed to get his head wedged in the entrance of the pot. He wet a line whilst he was there but only managed catfish, pike eels and a small shark on his live offerings.

Several reports of small school mulloway to almost 5kg have filtered in from anglers live baiting towards the mouth of the Logan River. An occasional jack, estuary cod and other species have also succumbed to the temptation of a livie. Fishing the canals with live baits should be productive this week, especially for those venturing out at night. With the still conditions, mozzies will probably be a bit annoying so don’t forget the repellant. Reports of squid have been numerous from the top end of the Rous Channel and Brown’s Gutter. The Blue Hole, Fisherman’s Gutter and Black’s Gutter would also be worth a try. The usual prawn style jigs will usually work but make sure you have a squid jag and a few pillies just in case they don’t like your jig.
Hopefully with the good weather this week there will be lots of positive reports next week.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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