Weekly Report 20 Apr 09

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Weekly Report 20 Apr 09

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:34 am

With the mornings starting to cool down, anglers have started to focus on winter species such as bream, snapper and tailor. These have not really come on the chew yet but there are enough around to make the effort worthwhile for some. Numbers should increase over the coming weeks for these species as well as others including mulloway and flathead. Crack out the beanies and thermos and get ready for some early mornings and night sessions.

Bream are being caught around many of the shallow reef areas fringing the bay islands on lures such as surface stick baits, shallow diving minnows and a variety of plastics. The shallows around Green, Mud, Goat, Coochiemudlo and Peel islands as well as Scarborough Reef are good places to target quality bream. In such shallow water, stealth is required for consistent results. Light fluorocarbon leaders are also required when fishing such shallow water but unfortunately can result in lost lures when tailor, trevally and other species decide to take a liking to them.

Snapper numbers have been fairly consistent however I have not heard of any large fish being caught within the bay as yet. Plenty of quality specimens to around 3kg have been tempted as well as a few decent sweetlip and other species. Many anglers have been successfully using plastics but baits have also fared well, especially for those anglers fishing the darkened hours.

Longtail numbers have been sporadic and it is often a case of being in the right place at the right time. One angler found a good school in the western end of the Pearl Channel earlier in the week and managed to land three around the 9kg to 10kg mark on Zoom Flukes fished almost unweighted. There have been quite a few schools of smaller mack tuna, frigates and bonito around and many anglers are taking the opportunity to catch a few for fun or bait for species such as snapper, bream and others.

A few school mulloway are being caught in the Brisbane River, mainly by anglers fishing with soft plastics, blade baits and lipless crankbaits. Areas such as Clara’s Rocks, the Oil Pipeline, Caltex reach and around the bases of the Gateway have been worth a try. Most have been smaller fish to around 4kg so far but at this time of the year you can be just one cast away from a 20kg plus specimen.

Threadfin are also being caught with these same techniques as well as cod, bream, flathead and others. There has been quite a few threadies caught by land-based anglers with live baits such as prawns, pike, mullet and herring. Easily accessible spots such as the Newstead Jetty, Colmslie Jetty and pontoon and even areas right up in the city reach have been producing. One angler who has a house with private jetty on the Brisbane River near Norman Creek usually fishes successfully for larger sharks. He put out some live baits over the last two weeks and has also caught a threadfin of around 1metre in length as well as a 15kg mulloway.

Numbers of flathead have been on the improve and anglers have been catching them in most of the creek and river systems. Trolling lures along the edges of prominent banks and at the mouths of creeks on the falling tide will usually produce results. Drifting baits and soft plastics in the prominent channels on the rising tide will also produce flatties. A few prawns are still being caught but you will have to really work for every kilo you catch. They have not been as consistent as in previous years but with the thought of a feed of these tasty morsels, cast-netters are still putting in the effort.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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