Weekly Report 7 May 09

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Weekly Report 7 May 09

Post by Brad » Thu May 07, 2009 12:58 pm

Plenty of ordinary weather over the last week or so has hampered angler’s chances to get offshore. Many managed early morning sojourns to the close bay islands or fished the estuaries for fairly decent catches in most cases.

Good numbers of flathead have been found in the estuarine areas throughout the Jumpinpin and Pumicestone Passage systems. Not a lot of the larger specimens over 70cm have been caught yet but there has been plenty in the legal size slot. Drifting baits in the channels towards the lower stages of the tide appears to be one of the easiest ways to get connected to flatties. Whole fish baits such as whitebait, frogmouth pillies, hardiheads and pilchards will work well when rigged on a snelled hook rig and drifted in the main channels, especially towards the lower tidal stages when flathead are condensed into these areas. Many anglers are very successful with both hard bodied lures and plastics but this takes a little more effort and thought than drifting baits. The last of the falling tide is the best time to be trolling small minnow lures along the edges of prominent banks and gutters. Bright colours such as pink, chartreuse or orange usually work well as they can be seen from further away than many other colours and flathead will generally eat anything they can see.

There have been a few reports of longtail tuna in the bay over the last week however they have been very random catches by anglers lucky enough to find themselves in the right area at the right time. I have not heard of any larger concentrations of fish being sighted. Even the schools of smaller tunas have been a little hard to find at times but by sticking to the major shipping channels and adjacent banks you are generally putting yourself in the right area. Frigates, small mack tunas and bonito have been fairly easy to tempt once you find them and are taking flies, 10g to 20gm chromed slugs and some small plastics.

Bream numbers have been good over recent weeks and should only improve as the brass-monkey weather approaches. The eastern facing beaches have produced some fat healthy silver bream to well over 1kg at times and these should enter the estuaries soon on their breeding run. Most baits have been working well with raw chicken fillet, whitebait, mullet fillet and fresh prawns being prime offerings. The areas at the mouths of estuaries such as Kalinga Bank at Jumpinpin and the Bribie Bridge at the Pumicestone Passage will be good areas to try this weekend although the southerly winds may be a bit annoying.

Snapper are being caught with regularity around the bay islands on both plastics and baits however most anglers have only managed short morning trips over the last week due to the weather. The Brisbane River has also produced good numbers of bream over the last week with anglers using blades, soft plastics and even hard body minnows to target them in shallow areas like the pylons of the oil pipeline, the mouth of Boggy Creek, the Sunken Wall, the shallow mangrove area just down from the Colmslie Ramp and in most of the filtering creeks such as Doboy, Norman and others. Threadfin and snapper are also prime targets this month in the Brisbane River. Lures and live baits will both work effectively on these awesome sportsfish. Casting these offerings along the edges of prominent river-bed edges and around the wharfs and jetties in the lower reaches will usually put you in with a great chance. Clara’s Rocks is another prime area and there are usually a few mulloway caught here as well. Other bycatch can include cod, bream, flathead and occasionally trevally and grunter.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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