Weekly Report 1 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 1 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:01 pm

We had several days of glassed out conditions during the last week and this has allowed anglers to get out onto the briny blue to scratch their piscatorial itch. Most anglers have achieved good results in the bay and further offshore however the estuaries have been very dirty and the water fairly fresh from the recent deluge. The mouths of some estuaries and major river systems have been fishing well around the top of the tidal influence when the blue water pushes the dirty water back up the system a little. Boaties need to be alert in the estuaries however as there is plenty of flotsam, which could cause damage to their craft in event of making contact at speed.

Squid have been plentiful over the last week, with reports coming in from many areas. The upper reaches of the Rous Channel and into the Rainbow Channel, including the Amity Rock Wall, have been producing some excellent numbers of both arrow and tiger squid. They have been taking the conventional prawn style squid jigs most of the time however the humble pillie pinned on a squid jag has been acquiring the best results. Many of the smaller channels such as Brown’s and Black’s have also been worth fishing. The shallow reef and rubble grounds behind Goat and Bird Island have been worth fishing for squid with some good numbers caught towards the top of the tide. The shallow rubble areas on the eastern side of Mud adjacent the exposed wreck would be another area that should be worth trying.

The occasional school mackerel is still being caught around the bay islands on pillies drifted under a float but their numbers are thinning out quickly. Snapper on the other hand are increasing in number rapidly and most anglers venturing out have reported reasonable catches. A few quality specimens are starting to show up with two 5kg plus fish caught by one angler braving the elements during an all night session at Peel. Both fish were caught on fresh squid caught earlier in the day, which just goes to show the importance of quality bait for quality catches. This guy also caught about ten more snapper that eclipsed the legal mark but opted just to keep the three largest specimens.

Mud has also been fishing consistently well with plenty of smaller fish to under 2kg caught. The occasional quality specimen has been taken on plastics by anglers with good technique. These quality specimens should only increase in number in the coming weeks. Whilst there has been some good catches of snapper from the eastern side of Green, there has also been some quality sweetlip to 3kg caught. The majority have been grassies, which fight hard and taste great. Fresh baits such as squid, pike fillets, mullet fillets and prawns have been the best offerings however the humble pillie and frozen squid has also accounted for a few fish.

Bream numbers are steadily increasing and can be caught on a variety of baits and lures. Anglers soaking baits from any saltwater area are likely to encounter a few, however targeting them around prominent areas such as rock walls, canals and shallow inshore reefs will heighten your chances, especially as far as those quality fish over 1kg are concerned. A few tailor are being caught from the eastern facing beaches but numbers have dropped off a little since the rains due to there being dirty water along many of the beaches during the week. This should almost be gone by now so results should hopefully be good over the coming week.

With the flush from the recent rains, areas such as the Jumpinpin Bar and around the Bribie Bridge should start to produce the occasionally large mulloway towards the top of the tide. Large live baits such as mullet and pike are the best offerings but mulloway are occasionally caught on any fresh baits. Also expect some large estuary cod, rays and sharks. The change of water colour that occurs towards the top of the high tide around the mouths of estuaries and creeks after rain, often harbors good numbers of baitfish which in turn attract larger predators such as trevally, tailor, mulloway, snapper and even tuna and mackerel at times. Working plastics and live baits along the edges of this colour changes can produce some awesome fishing at times. The Brisbane River and other estuaries have been a little quiet since the rain due to the influx of fresh water but as this dissipates over the coming weeks the fishing should fire again.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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