Weekly Report 27 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 27 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:20 am

The weather has been tolerable over the last week with several opportunities for anglers to get out an about doing their thing. The water quality in the estuaries is again fairly good after the recent rains and anglers have found the fishing good on most fronts. The bay islands continue to produce a steady stream of quality fish with snapper being the target of many anglers probing these waters. After catching a mulloway of over fifty old-fashined pounds on soft plastics at Mud Island last week, Chris Deeks has this week followed it up with a snapper of 6.8kg as well as several smaller fish. Goes to show that persistence and spending plenty of time on the water to get an intimate knowledge of your location definitely pays off.

Mud has been fishing well for most anglers of late with both bait and plastics working a treat. I was out there last weekend with my girlfriend Michelle and she managed to catch two nice snapper of 43cm and 45cm on soft plastics, her first ever legal-sized fish. Can’t wait to get her onto some larger critters. Most areas have been fishing well and more anglers are realising the importance of stealth for quality catches. Fish away from the crowds and areas where there is constant boat traffic as noise emits a long way underwater in this shallow water. Although some areas do hold better numbers of fish at times, they will quickly shut down when several boats anchor over them. The snapper will wander and feed all around these island areas so you have good chance anywhere that is not affected by constant boat noise.

Peel Island anglers have also been doing well over recent weeks with plenty of quality snapper, sweetlip, tusk fish and others being caught. Most anglers have been working along the edge of the reef areas with soft plastics for consistent results, especially early morning and evening, regardless of tide. Best snapper that I heard about during the week from this area went 4.4kg and was tempted on a Slam 5” stick bait in the bubblegum colour. The same angler caught three other nice snapper of 2.7kg, 2.6kg and 1.9kg, which was an awesome result. Plenty of tailor have been caught around the reef edge by anglers fishing plastics although only around half of them have eclipsed the legal mark. Occasionally small congregations of tailor and Watson’s bonito have been feeding a little wider of the reef in the early mornings. Schools have been located a few kilometers down the Naval Reserve Banks at times, along with small mack tuna at cowanyoung.

Whiting numbers have been fairly good over winter with plenty of divers to be caught from most of the shallow channels and banks areas. Even anglers drifting out from the Wynnum Foreshore and south of the reclaim wall at the mouth of the Brisbane River have been doing well at times. A few decent summer whiting have also shown up in recent weeks. The banks adjacent the Rous Channel and Brown’s Gutter have been popular and productive places to fish for whiting. There has also been a lot of northern bar-tailed flathead in this area and plenty of squid. With the squid numbers that are around I reckon there should be a few school mackerel knocking around this area also. I was going to check it out this morning but instead went well offshore targeting Pearl Perch, which was hard work in more than 150m of water. We managed 25 quality specimens between the 5 of us with two better than 4kg and plenty over 2kg.

Pelagic activity in the bay has been fairly hit and miss, although some anglers have managed to find a few longtails after some degree of searching. The banks between the mouth of the Rous Channel and Lucinda Bay had a few small longtails and large mack tuna earlier in the week although I did not see any activity on Friday when I briefly passed through this area. Basically it is a case of keeping your eyes open and putting in the kilometers if you want to target surface feeding schools.

Live baiting around the beacons would be a better option for enticing a larger longtail with any of the beacons from The Four beacons north producing the occasional quality fish. Live baits will also attract the occasional cobia, which are starting to show up with more regularity. An 18.8kg specimen was caught at one of the beacons in the M series during the week on a pilchard drifted close to the beacon in search of a mackerel. Not the targeted species but awesome bycatch. The Brisbane River has been receiving a lot of attention but continues to produce some great catches for switched on anglers. During the week there were mulloway caught at Clara’s Rocks and from around the pylons of the Gateway Bridge although most did not eclipse the new 75cm minimum size limit. Tailor were caught from around the sewerage chute, along the reclaim wall and the oil pipeline. Threadfin were caught at many areas along the river and they just seem to increase in number all the time. Plenty have been caught on live baits by land-based anglers in recent times. A few snapper were caught from around the various jetties in the lower reaches, Clara’s Rocks and the reclaim wall. One angler managed two legal snapper whilst fishing land-based. There is plenty on offer fishing wise at the moment for those willing to brave the elements of the cold weather. Get out and get amongst the action whilst the going is good.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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