Weekly Report 8 Jul 09

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Weekly Report 8 Jul 09

Post by Brad » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:02 am

Lousy weather has hindered angler’s chances to venture out over the last week however the few opportunities that were presented produced quality results for those who capitalized on them. Snapper are targeted heavily during the cooler months, both offshore and within the bay. Various forms of structure, including the living reef and rubble areas surrounding the bay islands as well as the numerous ledges, wrecks and artificial reefs make up some of the more popular areas where snapper are targeted. These fish move in and out from these grounds and travel around quite a bit throughout the tidal phase giving anglers good opportunity to encounter them.

Mud Island is heavily fished but continues to produce results for anglers with good technique and thoughtful approach. A few snapper eclipsing the 5kg mark were caught earlier in the week on both plastics and bait with the late afternoon session just on dusk being the productive time in this instance. Larger plastics such as 7” Gulp Jerk Shads, Bass Assassins, Slam and Gamblers have all worked well on these larger fish. Whole whiting are a popular bait for quality snapper and can readily be caught at a variety of locations. Many anglers anchor at known snapper spots such as the Harry Atkinson after a successful day of whiting fishing and drift down a few of their catch.

Peel has been fairly hot and cold along the main edge of the reef however those who have persisted have been achieving results, mainly on plastics. The smaller patches of isolated reef a little wider of the island and the grounds around the old houseboat wreck have been producing a few better quality fish for anglers with fresh baits such as squid, hardiheads, whiting, yakkas and slimey mackerel. Fresh mullet and pike fillets have also produced a few quality fish, the latter being easily caught along the edge of the main reef. I have heard whispers of a few school mackerel being caught in the top end of the Rous Channel but captures are far from consistent. It is worth an exploratory trip or two in the coming weeks though.

Squid numbers have dropped off a little but the quality of some of the cephalods being caught has definitely made the effort worthwhile. Specimens to over 1kg, mainly tiger squid, have been caught from areas such as the manly Rock Wall, Goat Island, Amity Rock Wall and many other places. Squid jigs have worked well in most instances with the better quality Japanese models proving the extra dollars on the price tag are justified. These last longer and produce more takes in most instances. Drifting a pilchard pinned on a squid jag under a float will also produce results in most of these areas, as well as around the bay islands.

The Jumpinpin bar area has been a little hot and cold but is still producing the goods for many anglers. The main catch has been bream and flathead but a few mulloway, trevally, tailor and other species have been encountered. One angler fishing live baits for mulloway recently had the fight of his life with a shovelnose shark of around seven old-fashioned feet. These large white-spot rays are actually great on the plate but this one eclipsed the new 1.5m maximum size limit for sharks and rays, so was released. Tailor have occasionally been seen smashing the surface between Short Island and the ‘Pin Bar and anglers have been catching them on small chrome slices and stick-bait style plastics.

The Brisbane River has also been producing a few tailor from around the sewerage chute, oil pipeline and along the reclaim wall. These have mainly been caught on blade style lures targeted towards other species but have generally been a welcome capture. Threadfin are still showing up from a few different locations but have not been prominent catches. Plenty of bream have been caught in the lower reaches as well as flathead, school mulloway, cod and others. I am still seeing frames at the boat ramp from undersize mulloway that indicates anglers are not aware there is a 75cm minimum size limit on this species now.
Hopefully we should see some better weather and opportunities for a trip or two towards the end of the week. Good Luck.

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