Report 4th Jan 06

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Report 4th Jan 06

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 06, 2006 6:27 am

Due to the wind this week very few anglers (including myself) have been out to have a fish in the bay. A few have done early morning trips to the bay islands in search of a feed of snapper or sweetlip. Most have returned home disappointed, however a few school mackerel and the occasional snapper have been caught on lightly weighted pillies in this precinct.

The sharks have definitely been on the chew, with many anglers finding it hard to keep a pillie in the water while targeting mackerel around the islands. Those who have specifically targeted the sharks with a berley trail of tuna oil and large baits while drifting, have been rewarded in most cases. The sharks have mainly been in the 5kg to 15kg bracket but specimens over 50kg are not at all uncommon. Even larger sharks to well over 200kg can be caught with specific targeting.

Decent numbers of mud crabs have been caught further up the creeks by anglers setting pots overnight. The best baits have been fish frames, with a mack tuna head being a great offering due to its oily secretions.

Sand crabs have been caught around the mouth of the Brisbane River and around many areas of the bay. Pots work better than dillies around the islands as the whaler sharks often make short work of the dilly netting. Set the pots along the contours around the islands and you should have some success.

Several school mackerel have been caught from the Redcliffe public jetty by anglers floating out pillies in the early mornings. Many of these school mackerel have been up to around 60cm in length, which are a great prize for a land-based angler.

If you are travelling around the bay, keep your eyes open and never leave home without a spin rod rigged with a chrome slug. Pelagics such as mackerel and tuna can pop up anywhere and you have to be ready to get amongst the action. One cast can be all it takes to have a feed of juicy mackerel fillets on the table that night.

May your bait be nervous.

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