Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:14 am

With some good weather forecasted over the coming week, anglers will be chomping at the bit to get out and about onto the briny blue ocean. Moreton Bay has been a little hot and cold over the last few weeks however there has been some excellent results coming in at times. Snapper are still being targeted by many, however species such as flathead school mackerel, small tuna, bonito and many others are also around in numbers.

I did a trip to Mud Island last Wednesday with Chris Deeks to target a few snapper and whatever else ate our plastics. Chris connected to a good fish early but unfortunately the fish managed to dislodge the hooks into the first solid run. I also had a serious snatch and grab that failed to properly connect. We caught a few other small squire and Chris also managed a keeper approaching 50cm. Chris took me to some of the many areas he has located after spending many successful days on the water around Mud. The next few hours yielded very little so we both decided to call it a day and have one last cast before going. Ironically, both plastics landed within a few feet of each other and luckily mine was snatched a few feet under the surface by a good fish. After a short tussle I had an 82cm snapper in the net. We fished for another hour or so but caught nothing other than a few chopper tailor. A great day on the water was finished with an easy run home in glassed out conditions.

Peel has also been fishing well however there seems to be a lot more smaller snapper around as well as the trophy specimens that anglers target. Baits have been working well for some, especially those fishing at night. Pike have been fairly easy to catch on small plastics along the edges of the reef and anglers are using the fresh fillets off these, as well as other baits such as pillies, mullet fillets and squid, for good results. A few schools of bonito have also been around in this area and these are also great snapper bait if you can catch them. School mackerel reports are still a little patchy from the top end of the Rous Channel and I hope the best of these is yet to come. A few have been caught in other parts of the bay and I have heard of several anglers getting bitten off on plastics while fishing for snapper, so specific targeting may be productive. Try floating out a pilchard suspended a few metres below a float whenever fishing at anchor or drifting.

With good conditions predicted, many anglers will probably take the opportunity to fish further offshore. The shallow reefs below The Cape (Roberts and Brennans Shoals) have been fishing fairly well with the best bite coming just before dawn. Snapper, yellow sweetlip, cod, trevally, yellowtail kingfish and many other demersal species have been caught on both plastics and baits. By an hour after sunrise the action is all but finished and you are then best to move onto other spots in deeper water. Night sessions have also been productive but these shallow areas require utmost care when fishing. Two very experienced anglers lost their lives in this area earlier in the year. An occasional Spanish mackerel has also been taken on live baits. Many of the offshore areas such as Shallow Tempest, Deep Tempest, Square Patch and The Cathedrals have been fishing well for snapper, pearlies and other species. The reefs off the Jumpinpin Bar have been producing some big cobia, mulloway, snapper and a mixed bag of reefies.

Live baiting the beacons in the northern bay, the Curtain Artificial Reef, Cowan Ledge and the Kaptajn Nelson could be worthwhile for a cobia or two. They have been far from consistent however a few have shown up in recent weeks. Crab numbers are on the increase with a few decent reports coming in. Unfortunately many of the crabs are a little empty and are best returned to the water. Good squid have been taken from many different locations. Some large tiger squid have been caught on squid jigs at the back of Peel Island, Goat Island and in the Amity area. Many shallow reef, weed-bed and rubble areas hold squid providing they have good water clarity. Get out and tangle with a few fish while the weather is good. The mornings and night have been cold but the warmth of the sun during the day has been very pleasant.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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