Report 11th Jan 06

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Report 11th Jan 06

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 12, 2006 5:55 am

Reports of spotted and school mackerel have still been a little light on in the bay, with some anglers finding a few fish and others having sausages for dinner. The Tangalooma, Middle Bank and Pearl Channel areas have been good places to look, with the occasional surface bust ups indicating the presence of actively working fish. Trolling lures along the edges of the Yule Bank has worked for some anglers, with school mackerel taking a liking to spoons and Rapala CD Mag 7cm in SM or RH colour patterns.

Jigging the beacons is also often successful with the NW and M beacons being worth a try around the changes of the tide. Slugs are the best bet, with the plain chrome varieties working well. TT Assassins are rear weighted and great for jigging beacons, as they sink fast and are less likely to get hit on the drop, which will often results in a lost lure. They also cast well into the wind and most importantly they will catch fish. Any of the plain chrome slugs will work well when cast, as will Raiders, Lazers and Flashas. Some anglers even have good success on white and pink slugs as well. Perhaps they stand out from the crowd in a school of baitfish.

Plenty of whiting have been taken on the central banks, with anglers using worms, strips of squid and even strips of chicken fillet with good success. One angler I spoke to had done well with the Berkely Strip Bait in both the plain white and white/red. This would be a good option to keep aboard if it does work well for you, as it is just like the Gulp soft plastics and does not need refrigeration even after opening.

Reports of snapper being caught on soft plastics are still filtering in from around all the bay islands and the rubble grounds and ledges in the northern bay. The Cowan Ledge and Benowa Track have both produced 5kg plus specimens for anglers working plastics while drifting with the run-in tide.

The mouth of the Brisbane River is fishing reasonably well for squire and the occasional snapper, however it has been the jew (mulloway) which have been the talk of the boat ramp. Anglers fishing at night and early morning have been often catching a few per session with most in the 2kg to 6kg bracket. One 14kg specimen was taken on an Eco-Gear L minnow, in pearl, with silver flake, last week. There is a bit of dredging going on at the moment and many of the jew are probably looking for worms that have been dislodged.

The area around the Dunwich Jetty has produced a few nice fish for anglers casting surface lures at night. Trevally, tarpon and even a yellowtail king have been caught.

The creeks have been steady, with bream, flatties and whiting but the fishing has been a little slow at times. Plenty of estuary cod and a few jacks have been caught around the snags and rock walls by anglers casting small plastics and minnow lures. The muddies have made setting a few pots worthwhile for anglers leaving them out overnight.

The canals have also been worth a try for jacks and cod on both lures and live prawns and mullet. Plenty of moses perch have been caught by anglers casting soft plastics around the jetties and pylons, as well as a few trevally and small queenfish.

May your bait be nervous.

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