Weekly Report 1 Sept 09

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Weekly Report 1 Sept 09

Post by Brad » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:10 am

Some great conditions earlier in the week allowed anglers to get out and about in the bay chasing their favorite species. Results have been better this week with a little more colour in the water around the bay islands and heightened baitfish activity to what we have experienced recently.

I left home a little after midday last Wednesday to give the boat a bit of a run and to generally get away from everything for a few hours of relaxing fishing. It was one of those days when everything fell into place and I returned to port a little after 5pm with quite a list of species landed and few good feeds in the esky. Drifting and fishing plastics at Mud produced a pan size snapper of 42cm, a 38cm sweetlip and also a whiting of 27cm, a flathead and several pike. I was also drifting a pilchard under a float behind the boat whilst fishing the plastics and it produced a school mackerel of around 55cm as well as four quality cuttlefish. Glassed out conditions allowed me to spot a little bird activity wide of Mud (in direct line with the mouth of the Rous) and on closer investigation I saw that it was small, scattered schools of small mack tuna and the occasional longtail. Sitting in the general area of recent bust ups with the motor off paid dividends and I managed two small mack tuna, one better mack tuna of around 4kg and also the smallest longtail I have ever caught in SEQ, a specimen which would not have tipped 6kg. All were caught on 25gm Maria Mucho slugs and subsequently released. If I had more time I am sure I would have caught a few more, as they were still sporadically smashing bait on the surface as I left. On the way back to the mouth of the Brisbane River, a surface bust-up in the shallows close to the wall on the southern end of Mud proved to be small tailor. Both the ones I caught were just under the legal size but I am sure there would have been a few better specimens amongst them. There was an even larger school close to the beacon on the western side although I didn’t stop for a cast as I was already running late for a commitment. Later that night I flash fried the cuttlefish with teriyaki sauce, added some sushi rice and dined like a king.

Several reports have come in of mackerel captures in the top end of the Rous Channel. With commercial line currently fishermen working the area, there is guaranteed to be some good numbers of mackerel around at times. Trolling spoons and drifting pilchards will both generally pay dividends with the falling tide often producing the best results. The Brown’s Gutter area is worth a try also, often fishing better than the Rous. If things are quiet here, try trolling a spoon along the edge of the bank that runs between the Rous entrance (Rainbow Channel end) and Moreton Island, especially around the start of the making tide. Peel has also fished better this week with some decent snapper to 50cm being caught by anglers working plastics along the edge of the reef on the western side. The houseboat wreck produced a better fish of 72cm for one angler fishing with fresh squid.

Baits have produced snapper, sweetlip, school mackerel and other species from many different areas around the island. A few longtails and smaller tunas have been busting up on occasion, often right along the edge of the reef where they are currently feeding on hardiheads. Check out the Naval Reserve Banks and the channel running between the Hanlon Light and the Douglas Light, as pelagic activity is regularly found in these areas. South West Rocks has been another good area for the bait fishermen with a variety of species being caught. Trevally, tailor, pike and estuary cod have been caught on plastics worked around the structure at the Dunwick Jetty. Most estuaries are fishing consistently at present for those putting in the effort. Flathead and bream have been the main species targeted but many others are also being caught including better numbers of mangrove jack and estuary cod.

The mouth of the canal opposite Spinnaker Sound Marina in the Pumicestone Passage produce three trevally to a little over 2kg for one young angler fishing live prawns under a float on the run-out tide last week. He also hooked one better fish, possibly a larger trevally or mulloway that was too good for his 12lb line. A few whiting have been caught around the Avon Wreck and also The W’s. Flathead have been worth the effort around the mouth of Elimbah Creek on a falling tide for anglers trolling small minnow lures. Anchoring close the eastern bank and casting worms, yabbies or other baits onto the bank and allowing the falling tide to wash them off is a good way to get a mixed bag of estuary species. Try around the Bribie Bridge at night for snapper, tailor, trevally, tarpon, bream and others. Lightly weighted baits drifted into the lighted areas, and soft plastics, will generally produce a few fish. Mud and sand crab numbers are improving, with anglers achieving decent results in most cases. It is definitely worth a setting a few pots if you are venturing out but remember to stay fairly close to them if you want to guarantee they are still there on your return.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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