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Weekly Report 19 Sep 09

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:31 pm
by Brad
I have done a few short trips to the Mud Island area over the last week and results have been favorable, with several snapper in the 40cm to 50cm range and a couple of sweetlip that were taken on Gulp 5” Jerk Shads. There is a few new colours in some of the various patterns of Gulp with the banana prawn colour now available in the 5’ Jerk Shad and also the 3” Minnow Grub. Both of these have already produced a few fish for me. Plenty of other new ones across the range are also worth a try. Drifting pilchards under a small float whilst fishing plastics has also produced a few school mackerel and the occasional tailor. I had a bit of fun last week casting small plastics on a light spin outfit around the shallow reef on the western side and landed around twenty big pike to 48cm in length. These are a lot of fun and make great fillet baits or can be rigged to troll for species such as Spanish mackerel. They are also okay to eat but there is quite a bit of bone to cut out.

Wider of the bay islands in the Paddock area there has been a bit of surface activity with mack tuna and longtails periodically carving up bait on the surface. These pelagics have not been staying up for long and are a bit spooky, so your best bet is to watch their movements and try to predict where they will come up next. Good schools of bait are still around in the Rainbow Channel area with the upper section around Amity being worth a look on the falling tide. Again, there has been a few longtails and mack tuna in this area and luckily they have been fairly approachable most of the time. The lower section, especially the junction around the Douglas Light, has also been worth a look. There has been the odd school popping up in all sections of the bay so it pays to have a spin rod ready rigged with a small chrome slug or stick bait plastic, or a fly rod rigged with an intermediate line and sporting a surf candy, bay bait or small polar-fibre minnow.

Cobia numbers have been more limited in the bay than predicted although there has been the occasional one around for those putting in the hours with large live baits or those lucky enough to stumble upon the odd fish. The beacons and ledges in the northern bay are a good place to start. Flathead numbers are still good with creditable captures coming from many different creek and estuarine systems. There doesn’t appear to be any areas better than others and you just need to get out and give it a go to land a few of these specimens. Trolling small, brightly-coloured minnow lures along the edge of prominent banks on a falling tide or drifting whole fish baits in the channels towards low tide or across the flats towards high tide will put you in with a great chance. Whitebait, frogmouths, hardiheads, bluebait or small pilchards make good offerings when presented on a snelled hook rig. Many other species will also take a liking to this offering and it makes easy yet productive fishing, which is great for times when you are taking the kids out during school holidays.

The Brisbane River has been fairly good recently with a few decent snapper still being caught. Threadfin are also about for those specifically targeting them with large live baits or lures along the edges of the drop-offs into the main riverbed and also other areas where bait congregates. Bream, cod, flathead and other species are also around with Clara’s Rocks, the oil pipeline, Sunken Wall, QCL Jetty, Grain Wharf and the Gateway Bridge being a few of the areas worth prospecting. Whiting numbers have been good of late with some quality specimens coming from the top end of the Rous Channel and adjacent banks, as well as Brown’s Gutter and the Blue Hole. Most of the banks and shallow gutters throughout the bay are worth a drift with worm baits or thin strips of tenderised squid. Whiting are a fun and easy species for the whole family to catch. There are plenty of options around at the moment and hopefully the good weather we have been experiencing lately will extend into the school holidays so the whole family can get out enjoy it together.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.