Report 18th Jan 06

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Report 18th Jan 06

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:46 am

I went out on Vesuvius, a Black Watch 30 last Friday to try a little heavy tackle (37kg) for billfish. We fished off Cape Moreton and only had one half-hearted strike for the day. The water was warmer at the 250m mark than it was at the 550m mark, which probably had something to do with our lack of action. We jigged for a while over a wreck in 150m of water but only managed one rat king for plenty of effort and over 350 litres of fuel. As we were going out we noticed huge numbers of common terns flying around and good numbers of bait balls in the area between Tangalooma and Combyuro. On our return voyage through the area there were fish and birds working everywhere. Mackerel and frigate tuna made up the majority of the mayhem but there were also a few mack tuna and a handful of longtails around. This area has produced good numbers of mackerel for anglers during the week and would be worth investigating if you are after a feed.

Western Rocks has been a little hot and cold of late, with the cobia starting to thin out. I have had reports of a few barracuda to 18kg being caught in the area and plenty of anglers have endured bite offs from these as well as mackerel. If you are specifically targeting cobia then using whiptails will increase your chances of the razor gang leaving your baits alone. A whole sand crab is another good offering.

Plenty of anglers have been chasing sharks with good success, as numbers of them have been accounted for around all bay channels and the islands. A berley oil slick and a large gar floated out the back on a set of circle hooks, snelled on 135lb nylon-coated wire leader will put you in the action. Just drift with the current and wait for the reel to scream.

The estuaries have been a little quiet fish wise but the mud crabs have more than made up for the lack of action. Good numbers have been caught in all the systems, with the anglers who set pots overnight being the best rewarded.

A few estuary cod and jacks have been caught from most canal developments in SEQ on both live baits and lures. Fishing the deeper holes and around structure such as pylons and jetties with live baits at night will put you in with the best chance.

A few snapper are still to be caught with a few good specimens caught at Peel during the week on soft plastics. Mud has been a little quiet from all reports, possibly because of the large tides and dirty water from the recent rain.

A few school mackerel have been caught on drifted pillies around the measured mile beacons at the mouth of the river.

May your bait be nervous.

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