Weekly Report 3 Dec 09

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Weekly Report 3 Dec 09

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:31 am

Apologies for the lack of reports over the last fortnight but I have had the boat off the water for upgrades to the trailer, a few small repairs and the fitting of a new high-thrust Yamaha F60 four-stroke motor at Stones Corner Marine. In addition, there has not been a lot of positive reports filtering in, with limited opportunities for anglers to get out and about on the bay due to ordinary weather. I did manage a trip out wide of Moreton in a mates new 65 foot game boat last Friday. We managed to catch and release a black marlin in excess of 120kg christen the boat and dropped a big dolphinfish at the duck-board.

There have been a few reports of spotted mackerel captures over the last week but only single fish, not large schools. School mackerel numbers have also been fairly good at times with those anglers drifting pillies along the edges of banks and the major channels and gutters in the northern bay, and over towards Amity, scoring a few. Dropping pillies around the bases of the beacons is also likely to produce the goods, with the period around the change of time usually producing the best result. Snapper and many other species will also be caught.

Anchoring adjacent the Measured Mile beacons, berleying with chopped pilchard pieces and then floating out whole pilchards on fluorocarbon leaders is also likely to produce school mackerel and the occasional spotty. Often you will wait quite a while for the first hookup but then the action will be frantic for a few minutes with every pilchard getting smashed. Plenty of whaler sharks have been caught throughout the bay and in the Brisbane River by anglers specifically targeting them. Those chasing other species on baits have also connected to a few. There have even been a few taken on soft plastics fished around the bay islands by anglers targeting snapper and other demersals. Generally the result is a limp line however a few lip hooked specimens have been landed.

Crabbing has been a little quite for anglers targeting sandies in the bay however the mouths of the major creeks and rivers have produced a few sand crabs and muddies. Both safety pots and dillies have done the trick. One angler I spoke to during the week caught an estuary cod around 50cm in his dilly that he dropped off his jetty in the Raby Bay Canals. There has been a few decent jacks caught over the last few weeks in the canals (Raby Bay, Aquatic Paradise and Newport Waterways) with the best being 57cm that I have heard of. One kayaker caught two small ones of 28cm and 35cm in the Manly Boat harbour whilst trolling small minnow lures along the edges of the boat moorings and the older fingers.

The Brisbane River has been producing the usual array of threadfin, estuary cod, flathead, bream and other species on both lures and baits. Live offerings have been the best for the threadfin, especially for anglers fishing along the edges of the channel, or from land-based locations at night. Lure fisherman have also accounted for a few threadies with Jackal Mask 70, blades, Atomic Prongs and several other soft plastics working well when in knowledgeable hands. Hopefully there will be some more promising reports next week. Schools of pelagics are due any day now so keep your eyes open when traveling throughout the bay.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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