Weekly Report 27 Dec 09

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Weekly Report 27 Dec 09

Post by Brad » Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:46 am

There have been some positive reports filtering in this week with spotties being caught in Moreton bay at several locations. Good schools further north near Point Cartwright at the Sunshine Coast a few weeks earlier were welcome news. Now the spotties have entered the bay in limited numbers with several reliable reports coming in of fish being taken on drifted pillies and also lures cast to surface bust ups. Berleying around the Measured Mile beacons with cut pilchards and then drifting back whole pilchards on ganged hooks has worked for several anglers. Early mornings and late afternoons have been productive times regardless of the tide.

Further north there has been a few surface feeding fish in the shipping channel north of Tangalooma and also in the Middle Bank area. Often these schools are fairly small and you need to be Johnny on the spot to get a cast within their vicinity however hookups are usually forth coming if you do make the distance. Hopefully this is a just a sign of things to come and numbers will steadily improve over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for small V-shaped wakes on the surface, as this is often an indicator that one or more spotties are patrolling an area searching for baitfish. School mackerel numbers have also improved with anglers trolling lures in the Lucinda Bay area and the upper Rous Channel accounting for a few good fish. The edges of the Naval Reserve Banks have had a few surface feeding schoolies and drifting a pilchard around Peel, Mud or Green Islands is likely to produce a few tasty mackerel fillets at the end of the day.

Big numbers of small tunas, predominately macks and frigates have been working the shipping channels, Pearl Channel, NW Channel and NE Channel. These have been fairly easy to approach yet often hard to tempt. Casting 15gm to 20gm slugs on 3kg to 4kg line will provide your best opportunity. An occasional longtail tuna and larger mack tuna has been working the edges of these schools at times. My past experience has shown that it is occasionally beneficial to cast a small stick bait style soft plastic or baitfish profiled fly into the melee and just allow it to sink. If it makes it through the small tunas on top it is likely to get slurped up by a longtail or even a snapper feeding on the wounded baitfish slowly sinking under the main school. Doesn’t always work but can often produce the best fish of the day so is definitely worth a try.

Jacks have been fairly consistent for serious anglers fishing in the various rivers and canals. Specimens to almost 60cm have been caught at times with most of the better fish being around the 50cm mark. Most of the reports I have received have been from anglers using minnow lures with the high quality Japanese offerings definitely getting the runs on the board for successful anglers. Various models from Jackal, Megabass and Lucky Craft have been working well and are producing hits when others go unmolested. The river continues to fish well for threadfin and how it fares in the coming week will depend on how much more rain we get. This deluge can often flush a few prawns and baitfish around and can improve fishing providing we do not get too much fresh.

The crabbing should improve after a little rain with the deeper holes at the mouths of creeks and rivers being the best places to set your pots. Leaving them overnight will greatly improve your chances of success however pots left unattended for long periods of time have a habit of disappearing. Remember to adhere to all labeling requirements with pots because fines can be quite severe if Fisheries find you in breach. Enjoy your time on the water and be courteous to others during the busy holiday period.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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