Report 24th Jan 06

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Report 24th Jan 06

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 25, 2006 5:43 am

The mackerel in the bay are still a bit hit and miss for most anglers, as they are not actively feeding on the surface for long. The best bet is to use your sounder to locate bait balls in the main shipping channels and to then jig slugs around the schools or float out a pillie or live offering. Jigging the beacons will also produce a few hits at times, especially on the smaller tides. Floating out a pillie around any of the bay islands is a good ploy while bait fishing on the bottom, as a couple of mackerel can really make the day.

Early morning anglers fishing from the jetty at Redcliffe have also been catching a few mackerel on pillies suspended under a float. The average size of the schoolies has been around 60cm. A few have also been caught with this method from the Wellington Point Jetty.

Good numbers of whiting have been taken from most of the banks around the bay and also along the edges of the more prominent channels. Keep the heads and frames for snapper bait as they are prime offerings.

Sand crabs have been plentiful throughout the bay but many anglers have struggled to get the desired legal males.

Plastics fished around the bay islands and along the prominent ledges and rubble grounds are still producing a few snapper and sweetlip. Scarborough reef has been a good option for anglers with small tinnies as snapper, sweetlip, bream, cod, trevally, morwong and several other species have been caught.

The estuaries have been a little quiet since the fresh from the rain. Mud crabs have definitely been worth targeting around the mouths of the feeder creeks and the steeper mangrove lined banks.

Shark fishing in the bay is at its best at the moment and anglers have been getting up to twenty runs for a half-day session. A tuna oil slick and bait drifted out the back is all that has been required. The sharks caught have ranged from around 6kg to 90kg. Bigger specimens have been hooked and lost by anglers fishing tackle up to 10kg line.

I will hopefully have some more in-depth reports over coming weeks as I am going on one month’s long service leave from Australia Day and should be fishing the bay quite a bit. My holiday starts with a four day billfish tournament, which I will be reporting on next week.

May your bait be nervous.

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