Weekly Report 10 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 10 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:15 pm

Pelagic action continues in Moreton Bay however many anglers have needed to do a fair bit of traveling before they find some action. I was lucky when I went out last Friday with my girlfriend. En route to the Tangalooma Wrecks I saw a small surface disturbance just north-east of Mud Island and naturally went to investigate. I could just make out some movement near the surface about 50m off and therefore cast out a chrome slug in anticipation of a spotted mackerel. As the slug sailed through the air attached to 10lb braid, the surface exploded with around 20 longtail tuna and the chromed offering landed smack into the melee and was engulfed upon entry. I handed the bucking rod to Michelle and she fought the tuna for ten minutes or so before handing the Magnum Butt back to me after deciding this fish was too hard for her to land. I worked the angles and had the fish in the net within another twenty minutes, which was surprising considering that it went a fraction over 16kg on the lie detector. It was one of the best longtails I have caught in Moreton Bay for a few years now.

We had our swim and snorkel at The Wrecks and then went and trolled a few lures near middle bank, which yielded some school mackerel. Then we headed towards the Four Beacons where there was some surface action on the banks to the east. Every cast produced a bonito around the 1kg mark, which were a lot of fun on light spin gear. The ring-netters then moved in and netted the entire school just in front of us. They would have got 1000 or more bonito as there were five of them on board and they took quite a while to get all the bonito into the boat. Obviously, they couldn’t find any spotted mackerel to accidentally net and take to the market as bycatch, so opted for a payday with the bonito. It was a totally glassed out day and we traveled at full tilt all the way home.

Mackerel reports have come in from The Naval Reserve Banks, Rainbow Channel, near the Sand Hills green zone, in the shipping channel between The Four Beacons and Curtain Artificial and in the Western Rocks area, although they can turn up any where at any time. Just keep your eyes open and investigate even the slightest surface disturbance as spotties can often be seen cruising just below the surface. A cast with a chrome slug to their direction will often be met with a solid strike and a screaming run. The Brisbane River will probably take a few days to settle down after the recent rains but has been fishing fairly well up until it started. Threadfin salmon numbers have been excellent and most anglers who make a decent effort have been encountering a few. Live baits have produced the majority of them however lures such as Jackal Mask, Trans-Am and a plethora of plastics have been working. A few snapper, cod, flathead, bream and school jew have also been taken as well as plenty of rays, sharks, eels and catties.

Prawns were starting to show up in reasonable numbers and it will be interesting to see whether the fresh in the river affects the start of the run. A few prospective trips with the cast-net may pay dividends. Offshore, the billfish have really been on fire with a gamefish tournament last weekend resulting in 76 black marlin, 3 blue marlin and 1 striped marlin being tagged, as well as plenty of wahoo, dolphinfish and a few other species. The fish were caught anywhere between Mooloolabah wide to just south of the Jumpinpin Bar so obviously they are well spread out. Popular spots such as The Trench, Hutchies, The Group, Gravel Patch, Sullies and between the Ten Mile and Eighteen Mile at Mooloolabah would be worth a try.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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