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Weekly Report 1 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:36 pm

Not a lot to report this week due to the rain and wind which has hindered angler’s chances to get out onto the water. The estuaries have been fairly quiet of late, as a result of all the fresh, however fishing around the mouths of major systems towards the upper limits of the tide will still yield decent captures at time. The mouth of the Brisbane River has still been producing a few threadfin up until the last deluge on the weekend. This shouldn’t hinder the opportunity to tangle with one of these great specimens too much. Threadfin are used to hunting in murky water so will still be able to locate a well-presented lure or healthy live bait. Large mullet are the best bait but a banana prawn will also work quite well but will succumb to the ravages of less desirable species more regularly. Catfish, pike eels, sharks, rays and shovelnose will definitely take a liking to any live baits. There is probably still a little too much fresh in the river to expect to catch snapper on a regular basis however the occasional one will show up, most likely around the wharfs towards the mouth.

I have had several reports of GT’s being caught in the river and even tangled with one myself last week while casting down towards the mouth. I was using one of the Castaic 3.5” Jerky J boot-tail plastics which are an exceptional plastic for the river when matched to a 1/4oz jighead. These have great action with a minimum of retrieve speed, have a small baitfish profile and come in several natural colours. I have used the larger 5.5” model for barramundi and rate it as the best plastic I have yet used for this species. The 3.5” shouldn’t take long to rack up a long list of estuarine and inshore species. One wonders why species considered tropical species such as threadfin, GT’s, and grunter continue to show up in the Brisbane River in increasing numbers. Lets just hope it continues.

Mud crabs are definitely worth the effort at present and anglers should take the opportunity to set pots at the mouth of creeks and tidal gutters, adjacent underwater ledges and in deeper holes. The recent rains would have flushed plenty of quality mud crabs into the main river system. These will gradually make their way back up into the smallest of gutters and creeks so setting pots in these areas will allow you intercept them on their return journey. The sand crabs in the bay have been a little hit and miss for many crabbers however setting a few pots should produce a couple for a feed. Mackerel numbers in the bay seem to have thinned out somewhat however anglers are occasionally encountering a few. Many have been taken around the beacons in the northern end of the bay on drifted pilchards and jigged chrome slices. Drifting a pilchard behind the boat whilst fishing around the bay islands is also likely to pay dividends. You may even encounter a few squid whilst doing this.

Snapper numbers around the bay islands are slowly improving however there has not been a lot of quality specimens caught. Perseverance should produce a few keepers for those with soft plastics and quality baits. There has also been quite a few estuary cod and sweetlip caught at times, especially around Mud. Peel Island has been worth a fish also with the main catch being snapper with a few sweetlip, morwong, parrot and others caught. Some anglers have been getting bricked on a regular basis, probably from larger sweetlip or parrot. There has been a few longtails around at times, but they have been a little patchy and fairly hard to interest when you do encounter them. They should become more numerous over the next few months so it pays to have a spin rod rigged and ready to cast when traversing throughout Moreton Bay.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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