Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:42 am

At last there has been a break in the weather for a few days which has allowed anglers out onto the water without getting drenched to the bone. The estuaries are still fairly dirty in most cases and will probably remain that way for a week or two yet. The water clarity in the bay varies in certain areas but overall is better than I expected. Surprisingly, I was at Raby Bay today and the water in the canals was crystal clear so it may be worth checking out your favorite inshore fishing area to check on the clarity. Saw some thumper bream around some of the pylons and few squid swimming by as we were boarding a mates 36ft Blackwatch to head out wide chasing billfish. We landed one black marlin of around 130kg for the day and only found a few small patches of bait between the 250m and 550m line. The black marlin ate a lumo Bahama Charon run in the shotgun position and was at the boat in a short time on 37kg tackle. This lure has caught marlin both times we have run it out wide in this position so it will probably see a bit more swim time on future trips.

Saw a few schools of small tunas in the Rainbow Channel on the way out and the water clarity was fairly good. Peel Island also looked good and would definitely be worth a try for snapper at the moment. Casting plastics along the edge of the reef would be a good ploy and is likely to produce snapper, sweetlip, parrot, trevally, bream, morwong and a few other species. Fishing baits at The Houseboat wreck is also likely to produce a few good snapper at night. Mud Island has been fishing okay with quite a few snapper to around 45cm, estuary cod, sweetlip and the occasional tailor being caught. Better quality snapper should start to turn up in the coming weeks as the weather starts to cool off. Plastics fished around the various patches of structure and ledges surrounding the island have been a popular and productive offering however quality baits should also work well.

Longtail tuna sightings have been fairly consistent in the northen bay, although most anglers have struggled to get a hookup. The longtails are often just mooching around slurping the odd miniscule baitfish off the surface. Casting out a small Eyes Fly on an intermediate line, or a transparent stick-bait plastic on a resin-head jighead and just allowing it to sink, would be the best bet. The Brisbane River is fairly dirty at present but is still worth a look for threadfin, snapper, trevally, cod, bream and flathead. These were around in fairly good numbers before the deluge along with a few decent mulloway. I would think the lower reaches would be a better option than further upstream although the threadies in particular are quite find of dirty water and can be caught almost anywhere in this system. The South Bank reaches produced a few good mud crabs for one crabber last week whilst setting his pots overnight.

Crabbing should be fairly good in most of the creeks, rivers and estuarine systems in the coming weeks but will be tapering off over the next month or so as the weather cools. Venturing too far from your pots may see them disappearing, which is a very sad state of affairs and one of the things that deters me from bothering to set a few pots these days. Make sure that you correctly label your pots as fisheries have the right to remove any pots that do not meet their regulations. Sand crabbing will also be worth a shot however they have not been abundant this summer.

It doesn’t seem as if the prawns have run up the rivers in any significant numbers yet and are probably still holding out in the bay. I saw several prawn trawlers working out the front of Cleveland this morning and suspect they are also working other popular prawning spots such as the front of Nudgee, mouth of Brisbane River, in Deception Bay and out from Sandgate. You will get a few in the Brisbane River at present if you are chasing some prime baits but may find it hard work if chasing a few kilos for a tasty feast. This could change any day however although the prawns are most likely to run in significant numbers on the full moon at the end of the month.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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