Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:00 pm

It has been great to have some awesome weather throughout the week, which has allowed plenty of anglers to get out and about, doing what they love best. Results have been positive with a broad array of species taken from a plethora of locations. Snapper numbers around the bay islands have been steady and most anglers who have put in the effort have been well rewarded with a few keepers to grace the table. Best fish reported this week went 5.5kg but quite a few decent fish over the 2kg mark were reported. Mud has been fairly consistent for quality fish with reports from several areas around it being positive. There has also been a few decent sweetlip caught which are always a welcome addition. In the shallows, especially the northern and western sides, some quality bream have been taken on shallow diving minnow lures, plastics and especially topwater lures. Stick bait style plastics such as Sammy 65 and Dog-X Junior have worked well however some anglers have been dismayed when a large tailor has engulfed their offering. With many using less than 10lb fluorocarbon leaders, the usual result is one lost lure. A few decent trevally, mainly big-eyes have also been encountered.

Green Island has been producing a few decent snapper however it has been the sweetlip that many anglers have been visiting here for. Anglers out a few hours before sunrise and anchoring on the eastern side have been getting sweetlip to a almost 3kg at times. Most have been using quality fresh baits such as squid, gar fillets, mullet fillets and hardiheads, fished on a running sinker rig with just enough lead to keep it close to the bottom. Some quality bream have been caught in the shallows here also. Squid reports have really fired in the last two weeks with plenty of quality reports filtering in. The top end of the Rous Channel has been a hot spit with large tiger squid to over 1kg being caught on both squid jigs and baited jags. Various small areas of weed, along the western side of Moreton Island to as far north as Yellowpatch, have also produced. For the land-based anglers, the Amity Point rock wall has been a worth a try, with early morning the prime time.

A few longtails have been caught, however anglers have often found it difficult to approach feeding fish without putting the school down whilst they are still well out of casting range. Sometimes, cutting the motor and waiting may pay off if they re-surface close by. Longtails have been sighted between the Measured Mile and Four Beacons, near the Harry Atkinson, Pearl Channel and near Gilligans Island. Plenty of schools of frigate tuna, bonito and small mack tuna have also been located and these have been more co-operative than the longtails. nThe Harry Atkinson has been worth a trip with quality sweetlip, snapper, school mackerel, morwong and several other species being caught on both plastics and baits. The Curtin Artificial has been patchy during the day but those making the trip during the darkened hours have caught some quality snapper, tailor and the occasional cobia to around 17kg. Quality bream have been caught in the shallows between The Curtin and the beach.

Scarborough Reef has been worth a look with snapper, bream, flathead, cod and the occasional other species being caught on baits and lures such as soft plastics, blades and minnow lures. Kayakers have had some good opportunity due to near windless mornings and have been getting amongst the action at Scarby Reef. Trolling lures along the edges of the reef has produced a few snapper, school mackerel and tailor, especially early morning and late afternoon, due to their near silent approach. May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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