Weekly Report 24 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 24 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:37 pm

Fishing in Moreton Bay and the filtering waterways has been fairly consistent in recent weeks although many anglers have struggled to get out with the patchy weather. It seems as if the weather is great when you are at work yet blows up the afternoon before your days off. I have not been into the bay for a few weeks due to fishing offshore, a trip to Townsville and Lucinda and my total dislike for the cold weather, which makes me hesitate at early morning starts. Reports filtering in have been fairly positive most of the time, with the majority of anglers scoring a few nice fish for their efforts. The flathead seem to have gotten into action early this season and estuarine anglers have been getting some good numbers of lizards along with some absolute crocodiles. One angler fishing near The Bedrooms at Jumpinpin scored an 84cm beauty the other day on a soft plastic and quickly released her after a happy snap. There have been quite a few fish reported over the maximum size limit of 75cm. One angler managed four of these over-legal flatties amongst his catch of 17, again from the Jumpinpin area. Try areas such as Kalinga Bank, Gold Bank, Short Island, Mckenzies Channel, Whalleys Gutter and the main channel leading out to the bar. Drifting baits, jigging plastics and trolling lures are all effective ways to catch these great fish.

Jigging plastics and drifting live baits in the main channel leading out to the bar may produce an occasional mulloway, with you best chances coming around dawn and dusk and the changes of the tide. A few mulloway over the 75cm minimum size limit have been taken from the Brisbane River by anglers fishing live baits along the edges of the drop-offs into the main channel. Pumicestone Passage anglers have also been getting quite a few flathead although the average size has been a little smaller. I have heard of one flathead over 75cm that was caught and released up past The W’s but I am sure there has been more amongst the many quality fish caught.

Fishing around the Bribie Island Bridge at night has produced a few good snapper, tarpon, tailor, bream and the occasional mulloway. Large live baits are the best option in this area if you want a quality mulloway, although you will also have to do battle with some quite large white-spot shovelnose rays and the occasional shark. A few big estuary cod have been caught here of late. Tailor have been caught in reasonable numbers by anglers fishing the Skirmish Point area early in the morning and late afternoon. Pilchards have been the main offering that has worked well although some anglers have caught a few decent specimens on Flasha Spoons and Raiders. A few flathead have also been taken from here, especially by anglers targeting them with plastics.

Whiting numbers in the bay have been very sporadic at least. Most anglers have struggled to get onto any decent number in the Sand Hills area and have had to move around quite a bit to produce a feed. The upper Rous Channel, Browns Gutter and Small Ships Channel would be worth a try. Fresh worms are best, however thin, tenderized strips of squid will also suffice. Squid numbers are still failry promising. Anglers fishing from land-based spots such as the Manly Rock Wall, Manly Jetty and the various groins on the Scarborough Foreshore have been doing alright, often catching a decent feed for a few hours of casting. Getting out into the bay and casting your egi around the reef and rubble surrounding the bay islands and any weed beds will put you in with a good chance. If you like eging then check out the new Yamashita Live series featuring the Tactywarm coatings, one of the latest advances in jigs.

Snapper have been around in reasonable numbers but it has definitely not been as good a season as last year. Those who fish smart are still producing a few from around the bay islands, artificial reefs and the various wrecks and other submerged structure. Bream numbers have been fairly good with most estuaries yielding a few 1kg plus fish for anglers with good lure fishing technique or quality baits. The shallows of the bay islands, especially Mud and Green, have produced a few bream over the 1.5kg mark as well as tailor and the occasional trevally. Offshore anglers have been getting good mixed bags of snapper, pearl perch, amberjack, yellowtail kingfish, sweetlip and other quality fish. Square Patch, Middle Reef, Hutchies, Brennan’s Shoals, Robert’s Shoals, Deep Tempest and Shallow tempest have all been worth investigating.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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