Weekly Report 7 Aug 10

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Weekly Report 7 Aug 10

Post by Brad » Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:20 pm

Not a lot has changed in the last week with steady reports filtering in from most anglers. With the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club having its competition this weekend and some decent weather, there should be plenty of anglers out on the water having a crack. Snapper numbers have been fairly ordinary this year but those who make the effort to fish a little lighter and smarter have been getting a few quality specimens. Mud and Peel have received a lot of attention but both continue to fish fairly well. Fishing during periods of low boat traffic, and using a stealthy approach, will definitely increase your chances of encountering quality fish on these grounds. Recent westerly winds have increased water clarity and therefore you will often need to fish a bit wider for the better quality fish. I also resort to natural colours during these periods instead of brighter offerings whilst using soft plastics. Minimize leader size for both bait and lure fishing. Lightly weighted baits appear more natural and will solicit more strikes.

A few reports of mackerel have started to filter in from the upper reaches of the Rous Channel although the best action is yet to come, if previous seasons are anything to go by. Trolling spoons and deep diving minnows is likely to work a treat although many prefer the highly productive and more relaxed approach of drifting pilchards. Generally the rising tide is the best time but this is not always the case so give it a try whenever you are in the area and you may be rewarded with a tasty mackerel dinner. Whiting have been fairly good over the cooler months however you will often need to move around a bit to get onto them. Try areas such as the upper Rous Channel, Brown’s Gutter, Sand Hills, Manly Foreshore and most other shallow banks areas. Live worms are a prime offering however thins trips of squid will also account for quite a lot of quality fish.

Longtail tuna numbers have been a little disappointing of late with most anglers struggling to find any surface feeding schools. Live baiting has been a better option if you are in the mood to tangle with a sashimi torpedo. Longtails to over 20kg have been caught in recent weeks on live yakkas and slimey mackerel in areas such as Western Rocks, Yellowpatch, Caloundra Four Mile and the beacons in the northern bay. Cobia are also a serious possibility in these same areas however using much larger baits will increase your chances of success. Whiptails, sand crabs and most demersal species (adhere to minimum size limits) make great offerings for quality cobia. Dusky flathead are still common captures in most of the creek and river systems. These can be taken on all manner of lures and most baits. There are a myriad of areas where they can be caught in the Pumicestone Passage and Jumpinpin systems as well as the waterways feeding into the bay. The sand banks around Moreton Bay also hold good numbers of flathead, however these are mainly northern bar-tail flathead which do not grow as large as duskies and subsequently have different size limits.

The Brisbane River has been fishing fairly well in recent weeks with threadfin, snapper, tailor, mulloway, cod, bream, flathead and several other species being taken on both baits and lures. The fishing in the mouth of the river generally improves as the water around the bay islands gets clearer due to westerly winds. Even mack tuna are often taken within the river as the baitfish move into the dirtier water to seek refuge. Live baiting with mullet, herring and prawns is a good option around the jetties and drop-offs into the main riverbed in the lower reaches. Lures such as Jackal Mask, blades, reaction baits and many soft plastics will all work when in experienced hands. Don’t think that you can’t catch quality fish such as these if you are new to lure fishing. It may just take you a little more time to achieve results however once you get a handle on it you will regularly produce quality fish.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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