Weekly Report 19 Aug 10

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Weekly Report 19 Aug 10

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:04 pm

Windy weather has again hampered anglers chances to get out over the last week or so however there has been the occasional opportunity to wet a line, especially for those able to venture out mid week. The creeks, estuaries and bay have all been giving up their bounty but anglers have had to work fairly hard in most cases to produce good results.

The Brisbane River has been a good bet with anglers have managing species such as threadfin salmon, bream, flathead, estuary cod, mulloway, grunter, sharks and many others. Casting lures around the jetties, drop-offs into the main river-bed, the ledge out from the sewerage shute and Clara’s Rocks has put you in with a good chance of encountering a mulloway or threadfin salmon. Offerings such as Jackall Mask, Berkley MF60, Trans Am, various blades and some lipless reaction baits have all produced hits. Live baiting has been more productive for many anglers by tempting Jewies, threadies and cod but there have also plenty of undesirables in the form of sharks, rays, pike eels and catfish. Snapper have been a little hit and miss in the Brisbane River at times but they have been caught in areas such as Clara’s Rocks and along the face of the main wharf precinct. At times they have been caught as far upstream as Mowbray Park when water clarity is good.

The bay islands have required a concentrated effort to produce consistent captures of snapper. Due to fairly clear water and the small daytime tides, the darkened hours have been a better option for quality snapper, sweetlip, tuskfish, cod and other species around the bay island margins. Daytime anglers have been doing it fairly hard at times although there has been some decent catches of squid and cuttlefish by those working the shallows with egi. Peel and Mud have been the best bet for snapper and Green is worth the effort pre-dawn if quality grass sweetlip are on your agenda. Fillet baits of mullet, tuna, pike and gar, as well as the forever reliable squid and pilchards, are all worth using. Scented plastics such as Gulp, Atomic Ripperz and Mister Twister Exude seem to work well for these species although they are regularly taken on a wide array of offerings. Unscented plastics will often benefit from the addition of some form of scent, which will mask any unnatural or human scents that may be on the plastics.

Flathead numbers are still good throughout most estuaries and creeks. Anyone with a bait or lure probing the channels or along the edges of the main banks will be in with a great chance of success. There are plenty of juveniles around at present but most anglers are having no trouble finding a few in the 40cm to 75cm size slot to take home for a feed. One angler had a good session on the flathead around Crab Island during the week. He managed six fish better than 50cm with the best at 77cm whilst trying out one of the new Sebile Magic Swimmers in the shallows of less than 1m. Plenty of flathead have been taken throughout the Jumpinpin and Pumicestone Passage areas by keen anglers escaping the more open stretches of water during the windy days. The shallower areas often fish exceptionally well when there is a bit of a ripple on the water, especially on cloudy days.

The mouth of the Pacific Harbour Canal system has been producing a few trevally and tarpon at night and very early morning. A receding tide seems best but results have come at various times. Live prawns, herring, hardiheads and yabbies are great offerings for these species at this location and also around the Bribie Island Bridge. This spot has fished best at night, producing a few tailor, snapper, bream, trevally, tarpon, cod and other species. Casting unweighted live prawns, yabbies and hardiheads into the lighted areas and then allowing them to drift back into the darkened extremes is a good ploy. As the weather warms up, this is also a good way to tempt the occasional mangrove jack.

There is still a few squid being caught around the Manly Harbour, Cleveland and Wellington Point areas by Shank’s pony squidders. However, the lower stages of the tide have often been frustrating due to the amount of snot weed in the water. If you like eging then check out some of the great new purpose-specific rods, reels and other tackle, all of which are in store now.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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