Weekly Report 16 Sep 10

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Weekly Report 16 Sep 10

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:01 pm

Weather has been very erratic over the last week however the best conditions fell last Sunday, resulting in many anglers venturing out to their favored grounds. Reports were favorable from most, although many anglers were just happy to be out on the briny blue after a period of such ordinary conditions had kept them off the water. Snapper numbers have remained steady throughout the bay and although anglers are far from slaying them, there has been a few decent fish around for those who put in the effort and fish a bit smarter. The shallower grounds close to the islands have been a little pedantic at times and most anglers have achieved their success by fishing a little wider and in deeper areas around the artificial reefs and isolated wrecks. A couple of awesome specimens over 5kg were reported during the week with the best at 6.4kg from the Harry Atkinson Artificial Reef. Many anglers have been hopping blades, Jackal Masks and Sebile Flat Shads in this area. Those who can use their sounders to accurately pinpoint individual fish and isolated patches of bait have been achieving the best results, especially as far as quality fish have been concerned.

A few decent cobia were caught this week by anglers dropping large live baits around the beacons in the northern bay, including the NW series. Any small patches of rubble, coffee rock or other structure that holds baitfish and small reef species are worth a try as cobia will eat most things including snapper, sweetlip, whiptails, grinners and crabs. The best reported was a 28kg specimen, however plenty of anglers reported losing large specimens for one reason or another. Squid numbers have dropped off a little in the last few weeks but there has been some quite large squid caught by those who make the effort. Most squid caught in the shallower water have been tiger squid but out in the deeper channels, such as the Rous and Rainbow, there has been some decent numbers of arrow squid. These are often easier to tempt with a squid skewer or jag baited with a pilchard than the conventional egi or prawn shaped squid jig. Regardless of which you catch they are both exceptional tasty.

Flathead numbers have been fairly good for quite a few weeks now and anglers have been reporting exceptional numbers of fish at times. Naturally many of these are smaller fish but there is always quite a few decent specimens recorded also. During the last week I have heard of many quite large flathead being caught. Crocodiles to 90cm have been reported this week with the better quality specimens being caught in the Jumpinpin area. Most of the usual haunts have produced good fish for anglers on both baits and plastics. Hopping plastics from the shallows into the deeper water during the falling tide has been a gun technique of successful crocodile hunters. The more relaxed approach of trolling lures along the edges of the major banks will usually produce good results during the lower stages of the tide.

The Brisbane River has produced a few threadfin, flathead, cod and other species. Live baiting at night along prominent edges has been producing a few good threadfin and on occasion a legal mulloway. Bait fishing around areas such as the Sunken Wall, Clara’s Rocks and the mouth of Boggy Creek is a good option for a few bream, flathead and cod. Anglers with lures and good technique have scored a mixed bag most of the time. There has been a few black marlin and sailfish on the eight mile to ten mile grounds off the Sunshine Coast. They have mainly been feeding on big schools of pilchards and quite a few anglers have managed to tag and release a couple in a day. Fishing the closer grounds of The Trench, Hutchinson Shoals and the area around Flinders would be a good bet over the coming weeks. There has also been a few dolphinfish, small yellowfin, cobia and XOS mack tuna to be caught from around the bait schools.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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