Weekly Report 4 Oct 10

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Weekly Report 4 Oct 10

Post by Brad » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:03 pm

There will not be a lot of opportunity for anglers to get out into Moreton Bay or further offshore for most of the coming week if the current weather forecast is correct. As such I will mainly concentrate on reports for the rivers and inshore waters. Flathead are still the target for many anglers especially those who fished The Flathead Classic over the weekend. Most creek, river, canal and inshore waters are worth a crack for flatties. The falling tide usually offers the best fishing as flathead will take up ambush positions along the edges of major banks, the mouths of gutters and in other contours where good concentrations of bait are likely to pass during the falling tide. Any offering that travels close to the bottom is likely to get hit by a flathead. Trolling with minnow lures is a popular and productive way to cover a good degree of water. Casting is often more productive for working areas where you are confident there are flathead. Soft plastics, rigged on a jighead, will work well. I favor curl-tail grubs, which have a lot of movement for very little angler effort, however others such as boot-tails, prawns and jerk-shads can also be used to good effect.

Boating anglers have a broad array of water available to them in the various creeks and rivers filtering into Moreton Bay, as well as the Pumicestone Passage and Jumpinpin systems. Land-based anglers also have lots of areas that are easily accessible where they can catch a few flatties. Try spots such as the Mouth of the Pine River between Dohles Rocks and the Hornibrook Highway bridge, the mouth of Jackson’s Canal, Tingalpa Creek and any flats areas that you can access via shank’s pony. Many anglers wade the Manly Foreshore on a rising tide and manage a few decent flathead. The Brisbane River also produces some quite good flathead, especially around the mouth of Boggy Creek, however it is usually species such as threadfin salmon, mulloway, cod and bream which attract anglers to its waters. I took my two young girls out for a run in the river last Monday and we did a little bait fishing around the oil pipeline. Even though we had a live mullet out we didn’t hook any quality fish, possibly due to the fact that we were fishing the last of the rising tide. The falling tide usually fishes the best in this area. Regardless the girls had a good time catching bream, catfish, flounder and six stingrays to 14kg, which put quite a bend in their little rods.

There has been a few decent threadfin caught in the last week, mostly at night by anglers working the lighted areas further upriver. Casting atomic prongs and even some minnow lures has worked quite well at times although anglers have had to work hard for their hookups. Mud crabs have been fairly good in recent weeks but should improve even further after the recent rains, which generally flush them out of the less accessible areas and into the main channels. Setting a few pots can be worthwhile, especially for those leaving their pots overnight. A few muddies or even a couple of sand crabs can make a tasty treat. The canals would be worth a crack for a few mangrove jack and estuary cod. One angler caught a few decent jacks to 42cm whilst flicking plastics in the Manly Harbour last week. Live baits are a very productive, yet relaxed, way to get amongst a few jacks. The warm, balmy summer nights are prime times. Usually if the mosquitoes are bad, the jacks are biting. Raby Bay, Aquatic Paradise, Newport Waterways and most creek systems, especially those with prominent rock walls, rock bars and mangrove snags, are all worth a try.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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