Weekly Report 12 Jan 11

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Weekly Report 12 Jan 11

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:49 pm

Are you sick of the rain yet? The deluge has hampered angler opportunity right along the east coast of Queensland. Most river, creek and estuarine systems have murky water with low salinity levels, reducing the quality of fishing in the short term. It will not take long to again fish well after the rain stops and the runoff dissipates. In the short term however, there is still opportunity for some decent fishing if you want to wet a line. The mouths of the major systems are your best opportunity inshore, especially around the rising tide when salinity levels are higher. The Brisbane River for example has produced a reasonable number of quality fish for those anglers putting in the effort. Several decent mulloway over the 75cm minimum length have been taken on both baits and lures. A few threadfin have also fallen prey to these techniques, with one angler scoring a healthy 116cm model after just a few casts at one of his favored spots near the mouth. I was surprised to hear of a few snapper being taken as I though the water would be too dirty for them. Most anglers have worked fairly hard for quality captures but the results have eventually made the effort worthwhile.

Mud crab numbers have been good around the mouths of the various systems filtering into Moreton Bay and I have even heard reports of the occasional mud crab being caught as far out in the bay as the eastern side of Mud Island. Another tasty crustacean, the freshwater redclaw has been taken in triple figure numbers from the North Pine Dam. They seem to almost be in plague proportions and anglers setting their opera house pots overnight have scored the best hauls. Apparently you are advised to not venture too far from your pots, as there has been a few scumbags raiding other peoples pots when they are not in attendance. However, pots have also been removed by fisheries officers because their owners have been in breach of the law. Check out the DPI Fisheries website to see if you are unsure as to the legal requirements for pot styles and labeling.

The Pine River and North Pine Dam have been worth a try for bass and golden perch. Anglers have been slow rolling spinnerbaits and hopping lipless crankbaits to obtain results. Blades, soft plastics and bibbed minnows have also been working at times. Most of these areas can only be fished by land-based anglers and access is usually fairly easy in most cases. Shark fishing has been fairly good in the Brisbane River as well as further offshore. In fact, most systems including Burpengary Creek, Caboolture River, Logan River and many others have been worth a try. Most sharks caught are whalers with the bull whaler being a common capture in the creek and river systems. Nylon-coated wire leaders are advised and most baits including garfish, pike, mullet fillets, live mullet, small live catfish and tuna strips will work. In Moreton Bay, drift your baits across prominent channels and use a tuna oil slick to bring the sharks to your baits.

Further out into Moreton Bay in areas such as Middle Bank, Moreton Shipping Channel, Rainbow Channel and near the mouth of the Rous Channel, anglers have been finding schools of spotted mackerel and the occasional longtail tuna. They have been a little sporadic however those that have found them have had little trouble soliciting hookups. There has even been a few longtails out from the mouth of the Brisbane River at times. The Measured Mile had been fishing reasonably well for mackerel before this last bout of rain but I have not heard many reports recently. There has been a few decent cobia in excess of 20kg taken in recent weeks by anglers fishing areas in the north-eastern sector of the bay. Large live baits will heighten your chances of an encounter with these brutes.

The fishing action is not all doom and gloom and there are still plenty of options if you want to wet a line. The further east you go the better the water quality therefore anglers with larger boats can still get out into some solid action for species such as snapper, wahoo, kingfish, cobia, sweetlip and other species. The billfish are still a little light on however a few have been taken by anglers putting in the miles whilst on the troll with skirted lures. A few solid GT’s to around 30kg have been taken by anglers popping areas such as Shag Rock and Boat Rock. The shallows underneath Cape Moreton would also be worth investigation. You may need to venture outside your comfort zone and away from the areas that you normally fish but there is plenty of quality piscatorial action to be had if you look around and think outside the square.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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