Report Sat 18th Feb 06

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Report Sat 18th Feb 06

Post by Brad » Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:29 am

Have only done one trip in the bay since my recent report as I spent a few days up at Rainbow Beach. I fished Mud on Monday 13th and managed 17 snapper with the larger just under 3kg. Many were in the 35cm to 40cm bracket and I also managed some big-eye trevally, estuary cod to 46cm and a sole. I did a run over to the Sand Hills and then to the mouth of the Rous, Harry Atkinson and back to Green but could not find any pelagics.

A few longtails and mackerel have been caught on live yakkas and slimies floated around the beacons and ledges in the northern bay. Quite a few small mack tuna, bonito and frigates were caught around the Benowa Track Ledge by anglers dropping plastics to the bottom looking for snapper.

The Curtain has been a little quiet but a few decent reef species have been caught there and the resident kingie population is enough to keep you motivated. These guys will swim up to the boat for a look but are smart enough to not eat a bait, even a live offering.

Plenty of prawns have been caught in the rivers with the Pine, Caboolture and Cabbage Tree creeks being worth the effort. They have also been cast-netted around the Woody Point Jetty, from Deepwater Bend and many other access spots along the bank with deep water nearby.

The mud crabs have also been worth the effort with anglers getting results while setting pots in the deeper holes and eroded mangrove-lined banks at night.

On a very serious note, the boffins at the Australian Marine Conservation Society have put in an application to have a large portion of Moreton Bay and surrounding areas closed to recreational fishing. These include all the water between Cape Moreton, Flinders Reef and Hutchinson Shoals plus a minimum 1.5km curtain around the entirety of Moreton Island. This will put bay locations such as Tangalooma Wrecks, Curtain Artificial, Sand Hills, Cowan Ledge, Bulwer Ledge, Benowa Track Reef, Comboyuro Point, most of Western Rocks, Yellowpatch, Cape Moreton, all Moreton Island beaches, Hutchies, Flinders etc etc out of bounds to recreational angling.

If you want to have a look at the map then go to their website and scroll down the opening page to the icon with Moreton Bay Marine Park. Click on this and then scroll down to the map. The map is very small and hard to read as the sneaky bastards are doing their best to keep this information from the general public and to just push this item through parliament as a last minute agenda (as was done with the grey nurse shark closures) without the public even being informed about it. The potential closure areas are in sky blue colouration.

The fishing public needs to let their local members and politicians know that this will affect the way they vote in the February election next year. Go and see them and talk to them personally. Do it now, don’t wait for someone else to get off their arse. The government is looking for the Greens preferential votes but we need to let them know that they won’t have our vote if they support this ridiculous proposal. Go to them as individuals, not groups as this will re-enforce how much we are against this proposal.

Even if you don’t fish these areas then don’t think it doesn’t matter as the AMCS will just pick away at all areas until they have their target of at least 50% of all water closed to all forms of fishing. Nip it in the bud now before it is too late and we are all catching grinners in a small pocket of water in the middle of the bay. I will keep you informed as information comes to light and will tell you other ways to make the recreational fisherman’s voice heard. Kick yell and scream if it is the only way to be heard.

May your bait be nervous.

Gordon Macdonald
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Post by Guest » Mon Feb 20, 2006 9:15 pm

I was very suprised when i read this latest posting, as i have fished Mud Island with very little success, other then the odd mackeral or 2. i have tried a variety of techniques such as live baiting over the rubble ground floating pilchards out, bait fishing on the bottom and also drifting plastics across the bottom (with great tackle losses from snags).

I would really appreciate if you would be able to enlighten on the where abouts at mud island you catch these fish and what techniques to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :lol:

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