Report Wed 22nd Feb 06

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Report Wed 22nd Feb 06

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 23, 2006 4:30 am

Firstly, this week I must make some apologies for second-hand information, which I gave out last week. I had passed on this information from someone who should have been fed the correct details but unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up somewhere along the line. The map I referred to on the AMCS website is in fact the current Marine Park Zoning areas and not the new proposed closure areas. The new proposed areas have been hard to find out exactly as the AMCS are apparently trying to keep it under their hats for as long as possible, as was done with the grey-nurse shark closure debacle. The details were cleared up somewhat today after I spoke with Shane Boese, who is the chairman for The Fishing Party in Southern Queensland. He informs me that the proposed areas for a total fishing ban will be 1km from every island in the bay ie Mud, Green, Peel, St.Helena and Moreton as well as several other areas to make up a total 50% area closure to all fishing in Moreton Bay. This scenario is probably even worse than I outlined last week, especially for the owners of boats under 5m who don’t venture much further than this. As soon as we can get anything more solid than this in writing, I will relay the information as we need to jump on this one as soon as possible. Once again, I apologise for the mix up.

Few anglers have managed to get out over the recent week, as the weather has been less than inviting. Things have been a little slow fish-wise also but anglers who know the bay well have been getting a few fish.

Pillies drifted around the islands will still score the occasional school and spotted mackerel but they have been a little hard to find if you are scouring the surface for activity.

The area between The Four Beacons and Curtain Artificial has held a few schools of small tunas, with the occasional school mackerel a little deeper. Anglers who know how to use their sounders well have been finding a few small scattered patches of schoolies in this area and are jigging slugs with some success. Trolling around with a spoon behind a paravane should also work.

Fishing plastics around the bay islands will still catch you a few snapper, sweetlip and estuary cod. The eastern side of Mud has been a little hot and cold from all reports, with fish mainly being caught during the faster stage of the tide.

The estuaries have also been quiet but enough whiting bream and flathead are being caught to make a trip worthwhile. The Jumpinpin area has produced lots of small, school flathead for anglers trolling lures around the edges of the banks on a falling tide.

The canal systems are a good bet for anglers casting plastics and bibbed minnows for flathead, estuary cod and jacks. Raby Bay, Aquatic Paradise, Newport Waterways and Horizon Shores are all worth a visit.

Mud crabs and prawns are being caught in most estuaries and creek systems with surprising regularity.

May your bait be nervous.

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