Report Wed 15th Mar 06

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Report Wed 15th Mar 06

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 17, 2006 4:51 am

I fished Mud Island again last Friday and had a ripper time, catching 46 squire. I was on location at 3.15am and was surprised by the longtails smashing bait on the surface and the large number of gar which were in the water close to the wall on the eastern side. I tagged a lot of the squire, with 22 exceeding legal size. The largest fish was only 44cm, which was a bit disappointing. I thought there would be a few big fish around after the recent rain and rough weather. I also managed two sweetlip and an estuary cod. All the fish were returned to the water, many wearing tags, so go get them. Once again I used 1/4oz TT Jigheads and a variety of plastics including my favorite 3” Ausspin Grub in metallic gold, Gulp Pogy in sardine, Zoom 3” Fluke, Atomic Fat Grubs in metallic gold and also glo-in-the-dark. Although I was on the water early I didn’t catch a fish until 4.45am, just before sunrise.

Green Island has also been fishing well for snapper and sweetlip with many anglers reporting getting smoked by the better lippers. Soft plastics and fresh baits of squid and mullet fillets have been working. It is definitely beneficial to source freshly caught bait, as the frozen offerings just don’t have the same appeal for the quality fish.

Mud crabs are still being caught with regularity in most of the creeks and rivers. Fish frames are one of the better offerings to put in your pots, however, whole mullet and chicken frames are also good.

The estuaries have been a little quiet for most but the area between Gold Bank and the Jumpinpin Bar has been worth a fish towards the top of the tide when the fresh has been pushed a little up the system. Bream, flathead and small trevally have made up the bulk of the catch, but the occasional small school jew to 6kg and larger trevally have been reported by anglers jigging plastics in the Kalinga Bank to Swan Bay reach.

Reports of surface feeding pelagics in the bay have been scattered, with some anglers being in the right place at the right time and others not sighting a scale. A few longtails have been caught on the western side of Peel Island where they have been occasionally breaking the surface.

An odd showing of school mackerel and Watsons bonito have made a trip to the Rous and Rainbow Channel worth it for some. The run in tide has been worth a look at the South Passage Bar as well.

Prawns are still being caught in the creeks, although in lesser numbers than before the rain. The flats out the front of Nudgee Creek have been a good option if you can find a parking spot.

May your bait be nervous.

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Post by Guest » Sat Mar 18, 2006 2:50 pm

Hi Gary,
I`ve just registered with Fishing monthly and keenly read your recent report on Mud Island, I`m new Qld and also using soft plastics and eager to fish the bay using them , what technique do you use with soft plastics for catching fish /Snapper? How do you use them?
Keep up the good work.

Regards Freewinds

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