Weekly Report 28 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 28 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:07 pm

Left at 6 am so we went and a good thing to..on the way to get some whiting and squid at the small boat passage. There was a alot of bird and fish activity around the hope bank beacon, I was hoping it was spotties but not to bit was a lot of Mack tuna and some fairly decent 20 to 30 lb tuna cutting the water. We decided to spend some time trolling a couple of paravains and we hooked 6 nice schollies around the 60 cm mark which was a little of a surprise as I have not caught them there for many years plus..they were biting on the incoming tide only. We went and caught around 40 whiting in the small passage channel incoming tide in only 7 foot mark rouse channel side; did not see a squid, so a very good day. I like the fact there was lots of bait that far in the bay, my bones tell me the first sign of a few hot and calm days we will see those spottys up and about and very close to home..
Good fishing
ps .as to my fishing partners today I don't know who to blame for dropping two good looking schoolies..

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