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Weekly Report 19 Mar 13 - BEACHMERE

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:08 pm
by Brad
Over around Beachmere things have been a bit lively in some spots but like everywhere else the dirty water is taking its toll. If you can get up around the Oaks in the deep water you have a good chance of getting a big mulloway as some have been taken here over the past week. Also from here are some big bream so worth while looking at this area? There have been some good bream washed out from the river between the Mouth and the 1 mile peg. Some of the boys have been getting some good flathead from the deep channels out from the mouth. There have been some big mud crabs washed out from the river and ending up around the 1 mile peg. The Beachmere Sport Fishing Club has an Outing planned for next week so I hope to have more info for you by then J. D.