Weekly Report 29 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 29 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:23 am

Two good days fishing with 2 good mates over at Lucinda bay and around shark spit. Lots of big tuna feeding all over the place, lots of bait in the water. We anchored up and threw a couple of plies over as we could not get them on slugs and managed to get one on for around an hour and a half, it was like watching the 3 stooges passing the rod around the boat under the anchor chain, around the rubber dingy thru the rope covers and so on .We finally got it to start doing the circle trick next to the boat for another half an hour with me on the rod and my best friend on the gaff and our other friend on the spear it was hilarious.

Finally the fish won as the line going around the anchor chain just could not take any more, but we had fun and 80 lb fish swam of into the sunset,and instead of su shhimi we had hotdogs (at least it was better then breakfast but thats another story) the good news is plenty of big school mackerel on the shark spit at the go slow yellow beacon. Incoming tide only and around 30 foot depth...we paravained at around 6 knots and 30 mts behind the boat we use the white yokusi paravains and mak 3 to 5 inch spoons 20 ft behind the paravain..hope this helps you get some fish,of course drifting with some pillies will get you some as well..
good fishing

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