Weekly Report 31 May 13

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Weekly Report 31 May 13

Post by Brad » Fri May 31, 2013 2:03 pm

Hi to all and especially Des,
I understand the frustration but I can guarantee you there is lots of fish for you and the family to catch around peel and the southern end of the bay. Squire at the lazzarete ....the best time is afternoon this time of the year between 3 to 6 pm with an outgoing tide. You need to be around the 20ft deep of the ledge about 300 to 440 yards back into the lazzarete and you need to fish with fresh and big baits on a 5.0 to 6.0 hook with a pee size ball sinker on the hook or no sinker at all at the end of the tide. I find whiting heads the best followed by grunter slabs. tailor, mullet fillets, pike whole or fillets and garfish whole.

With any of the heads I just put the hook thru the nose, as snapper eat head first and crush rather then take bites. and the most important for me I always burly with whatever I have like whiting frames and any other fish stuff I have kept from previous trips. If you are just starting a slab of pillies cut up is as good a burly as anything but it costs money. You said only pickers and small squire, move out a little further in deeper water and use bigger baits, normally when the small squire start the big ones are behind them, if you spend the time and follow some of these suggestion I am very positive you will be going home with a good feed,there is also nice sweet lip along the edge but best bait is squid ....hope that helps.

I will be there at the lazzarete in the next few days because with the predicted S/E it will be very nice in the afternoon and I have also been advised the school and grey mackerel are thick in front of the hanlon light,so a drift with a pilly or a paravaning session with spoons should be pretty good...
good fishing

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