Report Wed 5th Apr 06

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Report Wed 5th Apr 06

Post by Brad » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:41 pm

I spent last weekend in 150m to 750m of water out off Moreton Island, while fishing the Redcliffe Heavy Tackle Tournament. We only managed to raise one striped marlin in the 70kg to 80kg bracket but could not get a solid hook-up. Two blue marlin in the 130kg to 160kg bracket were caught on other boats in the tournament. With the rough weather the week before, a lot of the bait schools were in much shallower water and the reports coming over the VHF indicated that both the pelagic and demersal species were on the chew around Hutchies, the Trench and off Caloundra and Mooloolaba.

A few pelagics have been located in the bay but it has often been a case of being in the right place at the right time for many anglers.

A few school jew have been tempted around the Jumpinpin Bar area but it has been a lot of hard work jigging plastics for the few quality fish encountered. Flathead, trevally and an occasional tailor have also been caught on both lures and drifted baits.

Good quantities of school flathead have been located in the Pine River and Pumicestone Passage systems. Drifting whole fish baits and trolling small minnow lures will put you in with a good chance of success. The lower stages of the tide is the best time to be trolling along the edges of the gutter but the higher stages will see the best results while working the tops of the flats.

A few school mackerel have been caught by anglers drifting pillies in places such as The Four Beacons, Peel Island and Cleveland Ledge. Jigging chrome slugs at any of the beacons in the northern bay should also put you in with a good chance of nailing a schoolie.

Mud crabs are still being caught in the many creeks feeding off the bay. Good catches were also reported in the Brisbane and Logan rivers during the week.

Prawns are still worth chasing in the creeks and rivers, especially the deeper holes.

The whiting fishing in the bay has been variable with some anglers recording decent catches and others drawing a blank. If the netters have been around then you are best to try somewhere else, as that area will be dead for a few days.

Decent numbers of snapper are still being caught throughout the bay, with both plastics and quality fresh baits working around the bay islands and rubble grounds in the northern bay. Both snapper and sweetlip should get more numerous over the coming months.

May your bait be nervous.

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The next report will be posted around 14th April – Garry Smith

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