19/9/05 - Weekly report

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19/9/05 - Weekly report

Post by Brad » Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:00 am

Not a lot of reports have filtered in recently due to windy conditions for most of the last week. There has been a small window of opportunity early in the mornings and anglers are making the most of it by fishing the close inshore islands. Snapper have been the main target and are being caught with regularity, especially around sunrise and sunset. Quite a few specimens over 6kg have been caught recently on both plastics and baits. Small fresh yakkas and slimies have worked well, however the best bait would have to be diver whiting or whiting heads and frames. Whiting make up a large part of the snapper’s diet in the bay, therefore they are a natural choice as a fresh bait.

Plastics have also worked well on snapper and grass sweetlip around the bay islands and also the rubble grounds in the northern bay. One new offering that has been working well is the Berkley Powerbait crabs, which have received good reviews from several anglers recently. Some anglers have even been fishing them as bait on a paternoster style rig. These offerings are probably closer to bait than a plastic and are apparently totally edible.

A few mackerel have been caught around the northern end of St. Helena, with the small reefy ledge on the north/eastern side being a good place to try. Use an unweighted pillie drifted out behind the boat for good results.

The flathead fishing has been everything from spectacular to shocking at Jumpinpin, depending on who you talk to. Some anglers have had good results on fly with around thirty fish being caught for a day on the water. Other anglers have also had great success on small minnow lures trolled along the edges of the sand banks on the falling tide. Min-Mins, Micro-Mins, Micro-Mullets, Manns Stretch 5 and several other lures have been productive in the brighter colours such as chartreuse, orange and pink.

An occasional school jew is still being caught down the Jumpinpin Bar, and anglers have found that they are hot to trot one day and ignorant to your offerings the next.

A nice mulloway of 34lb was caught near the Bribie Bridge on a live tailor (legal size I’m assured) last weekend. There were quite a few schools of tailor chasing bait around the lights. A few big bream and a 67cm flathead were also taken. The angler was fishing 15kg line and was convincingly smoked on a live-bait. It was probably one of the huge resident shovelnose rays.

A few trevally have been caught in the canals and creeks by anglers fishing plastics for bream. Most have been bigeyes to a little under 2kg, but they will put a serious bend in the average light spin stick.

Schools of longtails have been feeding on the surface in the northern shipping channels but anglers have found that they are nearly impossible to hook on chrome slugs, as they are eating nearly microscopic bait. Perhaps a small epoxy fly may work but I have not heard of any fly fishermen having a crack at them.

There have also been schools of mack and frigate tuna along the inside of Moreton, between Tangalooma and the mouth of the Rous Channel. The run in tide is also a good time to have a look around the South-Passage Bar as huge schools are often found here at this time of the year.

May your bait be nervous.
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