Report 16/10/15

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Report 16/10/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 16, 2015 2:26 pm

The weather is looking good for everyone this weekend and if you are heading out there are a few spots that are firing on all cylinders.

The Sea Way down the Gold Coast is producing some really good fish at the moment and there have been some mixed bags of Jew Fish, Kingies, Tailor and bream being reported. Due to the large variety of fish species and easy access for both boaties and shore based anglers it is a very popular fishing destination.

Most of the kings and Jew and being caught near the Pipeline using either live baits or lures. Live yakkas and pike are favoured by both and can be caught locally. Lures of choice down there would be the Jackall Transam, heavily weighted paddle tails like the Z-man Swimmerz or micro-jigs. You will need to be prepared to loose a bit of gear if fishing here as the pipeline and rocky bottom are home to some very big fish and they know how to use it to cut you off.

Good catches of bream, whiting and flathead are coming off the rock walls down there at the moment and anglers are using white pilchards and mullet gut. Lightly weighted simple running sinker rigs are the easiest and least likely to snag up down there. There are a few tailor still mooching around and if you see birds or bust ups its always handy to have a steel lure on a spare rod to cast at them from the rocks.

In the fresh water Maroon Dam is fishing very well around the edges. Most anglers will opt to fish from a boat here as it allows more freedom and is easier to cast at the weed beds without getting tangled in it. The Daiwa Double Clutch or Rapala jerkbaits in the 8cm length are great lures to try first as they have a proven success rate when the bass are feeding like they are. Make sure you cast towards the structure and allow plenty of pauses for the bass to hit the lure.

For those who like an early start to the day surface lures are always an option. Anglers have been rewarded for their efforts on surface lures with good results coming from Sammy65’s and other small walk the dog style lures.

If fishing off the bank baits of worms, prawns, and locally caught live shrimp should see you hooked up. Possibilities of big Yellow Belly are always there but you will have to pick through a lot of spangled perch.

There are plenty of mud crabs getting around at the moment. If you are into your crabs try focus on the creeks and drains that flow into the Brisbane River as this seems to be the key factor in catching a few crabs at the moment. Baits of whole mullet and leaving your pots in for a full tidal period is preferable but remember to keep an eye on them to stop others checking them or worse borrowing your pots for good.

Hope everyone can get out and amongst them,
Matthew Osley

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Easton Carrall and one of his first bass caught at Lake Dyer.

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