Report 20/11/15

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Report 20/11/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:59 am

The warmer weather seems to have brought the spotted and school mackerel back into Moreton Bay. A few customers braved the les than ideal conditions during the week and bagged out on mackerel fishing around Curtain Artificial Reef and the beacons near Moreton Island.

If you are fishing with lures a good technique is using micro jigs like the Gillies Pillies or the Gomoku slim jigs. Using jigs is very simple and anyone can give it a go. Once the fish have been located by either looking for birds diving into the water or by using your sounder simply let the jigs sink to the bottom and wind them back into the boat with varying retrieves until you work out which retrieve is working on the day. It might be work taking a few different styles and weights to combat the current. If fishing the beacons you will need to get your jig close as the mackerel often hang around the beacons looking for baitfish.

Many people will also float pillies down to the mackerel and this can often lead to bi-catch of kingfish, Spanish mackerel and the odd snapper. Fish the same locations but keep an eye on the sounder and look for baitfish schools.

With the decent flush the rivers have gotten over the last few weeks and the hot weather it is also prime time to throw the crab pots in around the river mouths. In the Brisbane River the mouth of Boggy Creek and Breakfast Creek are producing some good numbers. Check your pots every few hours to stop crabs eating all the bait and walking out. If you find you are getting a few female crabs don’t just drop them over the side of the boat, move about 50m away and release them as it will stop them just walking back into your pots.

Bream are also making the most of the small prawns being washed out of the systems by all the recent rains. Plenty of anglers have been getting stuck into them in the Nerang River and around the Pin. Small shallow divers in prawn colours are working well or small soft plastics very lightly weighted will trick even the weariest of bream. The Ecogear Breamer Vibes are working a treat in the deeper waters or where the current is very strong.
Baits of prawns or sea worms are picking up some good bream down near the Sea Way but you will have to pick through a lot of smaller fish.

If you don’t manage to get out this weekend Charlton’s Bait and Tackle is having its annual One Day Sale on Saturday 21st November. Come in and say hi and pick up some bargains.

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