Report 18/12/15

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Report 18/12/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:01 pm

Christmas is coming and the kids will be getting restless around the house. Why not take the kids out and enjoy the good weather we are having at the moment.

If you do not have access to a boat the foreshore around Cleveland and Manly are great places to teach kids about bait fishing for bread and butter species like bream, whiting and flathead. Using baits of prawns or squid will catch all of these species but the humble slice of bread can also be a winner. By using small baits and small hooks you will keep the fish biting and coming in. Remember it doesn't matter about the size of the fish, as long as the fish keep coming in kids will be entertained for hours. Its also a good time to teach them about releasing fish for the future.

With the weather looking good for the boaties this weekend it might be worth heading offshore to chase the schools of dolphin fish and mackerel that are gathering off the Gold Coast and Northern Stradbroke Island. These fish are anywhere from a few kilograms to over 15kg mark. Larger congregations seem to be hanging around the 36’s and around Palm Beach Reef. Trolling small skirts seems to be popular until you find a school of them. One the school is found you can cast top water stick baits, small chrome slugs, soft plastics, baits of pillies and even flies at them until they disappear.

The rivers have begin to clear up after the bout of storms we had a few weeks ago and the bass seem to have an appetite. A few of our customers are getting into the bass using kayaks in the upper Brisbane River. Surface poppers like the Atomic poppers and Megabass Pop-X are great searching lures as they are loud enough to draw out bass from a long distance. Small diving lures seem to be out fishing larger ones and the Jackall Chubby or Ecogear sx40s are a good choice as they resemble small baitfish which are common in the rivers at the moment.

If you are planning a trip with your boat this Christmas holidays it might pay to go over your safety equipment before you head off. Check your flares are in date, you have all the required gear and you brush up on the latest fishing and boating regulations. Have fun this holiday and remember to stay safe around the water.


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