Report 5/2/16

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Report 5/2/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:35 pm

When looking at the less than ideal weather around it pays to look for the silver lining. These latest rain falls have provided a small amount of flow to the river and have stirred things up a little.

Mud crabs are on the move around the Logan, Brisbane and Pine River mouths. The run out tide seems to be the most productive and baits of whole mullet are doing the job. When placing the pots out keep an eye out for run offs or creek mouths as these are great spots to put the pots as the additional current found here will help attract the crabs.

The Mouth of the Brisbane River is also fishing well at the moment. The river mouth can offer a few sheltered locations to hide from the wind and still get stuck into a few fish. The jewfish are still schooling up off the drop offs and around rock walls on the run out tide and baits of Pilchards or mullet fillets are good choices. Lures like the Jackall Transam or Z-man paddle tails will also work and can out fish baits when they are in a feeding mode.

If you want to target bream on lures the Mouth of the river can be ideal and there is some great structure to fish. The numerous rock walls and pylons offer great bream fishing and small crank baits like the Atomic Hardz 38 crank or Jackall Chubbys are ideal. Parallel casting these small hard body lures is very popular and can be very addictive. Light leaders are a must as the bream can be very weary however watch out for bi-catch of Estuary cod, flathead, tailor and squire as all of these can be a little tricky on 3lb leader.

Another spot to head if the wind is up is the upper reaches of the Brisbane River. Wivenhoe Dam is currently releasing small amounts of water at the moment and coupled with the hot days we have been having the bass and yellow belly are firing up. Kayak anglers have been doing well casting small surface lures against the bank in the early morning and then slow cranking the Arashi crankbaits when the sun gets a little higher up. Most of the fish are coming from the bank side structure and with the water going up a little the bass should be making the most of the flooded grass and trees eating stranded insects and frogs.

I hope everyone can find somewhere out of the wind and get amongst them this weekend.

Matthew Osley.

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