Report 12/2/16

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Report 12/2/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:19 pm

With the wind still about this week it has put a few anglers off going out. There are still spots that can be fished when the wind is up and for a few anglers they reaped the rewards of heading out in both the fresh and salt.

The mouth of the Brisbane River is a great spot for when the wind is up and at the moment it is fishing well. Jew, threadfin salmon, bream and the odd snapper are consistent catches.
The Bream are being found along the rock walls and man made structure. Baits of small pieces of squid or whole prawns seem to be doing the trick. If lures are more your style soft plastic curl tails like the ever popular Squidgy Wriggler or deep diving hard bodies like the Jackall Chubbies. Parallel casting the lures along rock walls seems to be the best method.
Jew, threadfin and snapper are being encountered along the drop offs near the mouth of the river. the snapper are responding well to soft plastics or baits of whole pilchards or squid. The threadfin and jew are still smashing vibrating lures like the Jackall Transams or Mask Vibes.

With the wind up I went looking for land based options in the salt water and there are more than you think. Google maps will allow you to find areas with access. I went down to the Gold Coast chasing bream on surface lures and the Atomic K9 Walker was the stand out lure. Keep the lure moving if the bream come up on it. Expect bi-catch when fishing down the coast as the canals and rivers are home to jacks, trivially and even Giant Herring especially if you change to small soft plastics, everything eats them.

In the fresh water bass and yellow belly are pushing up the rivers as the dams continue to let water out. The added flow in the rivers seems to be triggering the fish to head upstream and feed up. When choosing lures try lures that work near the surface like poppers or creature baits in the morning and at night. As the sun rises swap over to sinking lures and divers like Stump Jumpers or Spinnerbaits.

Hope everyone can get out this weekend as the weather looks like its tying to improve.

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