Report Wed 31st May 06

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Report Wed 31st May 06

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:26 am

Mackerel are still being caught in good numbers up in the top of the Rous Channel. I have done quite a few trips there recently and have got at least six fish every trip. They are nice schoolies to around 3kg with the majority almost giving 2kg a nudge. A few bonito have also been caught, even on the pillies that most anglers are using for targeting the mackerel. Chopper tailor have been about lately but most are just around the legal size.

Good numbers of bream have been caught recently around the Jumpinpin area. It seems like we might actually have a good bream season this year if these early reports are anything to go by. The occasional school jew has also been reported.

The Jumpinpin Bar area has definitely been worth a try for tailor as good numbers have been caught there recently. A lot of bait schools have been around in this area on the rising tide, which has attracted not only tailor, but also mack tuna, trevally, frigate tuna and the occasional mackerel.

Great numbers of school flathead have been caught around the Hornibrook Bridge area. Between the bridge and Dohles Rocks has been worth drifting with baits of frogmouths, whitebait and hardiheads or trolling with small lures. Hayes Inlet and The Wells are other productive places to try. These areas are accessible by foot on the lower stages of the tide and can productively be fished from the shore.

The eastern beach at Moreton Island has been fishing well with bream and tailor being the main fare. A few dart, whiting and flathead help to add a bit of variety. Tailor to over 4kg have been caught at times although what the catches boast in quality, they lack in quantity.

Plenty of squire around the bay islands at present but anglers are finding that they need to persevere with releasing a lot of small fish for each quality specimen encountered. Plastics and baits are both productive however many of the better quality specimens have been tricked by a well-presented plastic.

Live baits fished around the beacons and shallow reefs in the northern bay are producing the occasional longtail and cobia. They have not been numerous but plenty of quality specimens over 15kg have been caught. Large mack tuna and an occasional trevally and yellowtail king have also been caught.

Whiting have been a little hit and miss for many anglers with some doing well and others only catching grinners. Fishing areas where the netters haven’t been recently seems to be the key to success. If you do get a good catch then don’t forget to keep the frames for snapper bait and berley, as they are prime fare.

A few reports of squid have been filtering in but they not yet around in good numbers. This could change any day though and in most cases there are already enough around to make the effort worthwhile.

May your bait be nervous.

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